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VIDEO Interview: Extend your reality with Amy Peck, StartCon 2019 keynote speaker


Amy Peck is a remarkable pioneer in the virtual (VR), augmented (AR), mixed (MR) and extended reality (XR) spaces, running her own VR company, working at HTC Vive and travelling from the US to speak about 5G and more at StartCon 2019.

StartCon 2019. It's Australia's largest startup and growth conference, running over two days Friday 22 and Saturday 23 of November, and with over 55 speakers of the highest calibre and plenty more, it's a must attend event!

One of those speakers is Amy Peck, who is currently the Senior Director of Enterprise Content at HTC Vive Studios. She also founded EndeavorVR, a leading global XR strategy & consulting firm.

She is a recognised thought-leader in the space and speaks globally on the future of XR.

Amy's achievements don't end there - she is also a venture partner at the Capital Region AR/VR Accelerator, holds several Advisory Board roles and Co-chairs the VRARA Enterprise Committee.

Her own personal mission is to see XR fundamentally improve every aspect of our lives with the goal of making this technology accessible and transformative for everyone, and after seeing my video interview with Amy earlier today, embedded below, I'm very much looking forward to seeing her presentation.

Here's the description of Amy's StartCon 2019 keynote:

"Everyone is talking about 5G. Everyone is talking about use cases for 5G. But in truth, we need to be focused on the user – the next generation of content consumers who will seamlessly move between their digital landscape and real life. We are barreling towards The Matrix- or some version thereof.

"This is no longer the stuff of fictional film characters. Whether you believe in The Matrix, the singularity or the rise of the machines, there is some version of the future that expands upon all of these concepts and much more.

"Part network architecture, part exponential technology and part futuristic fiction – the next generation of content and content delivery will require 5G, Edge Computing, Computer Vision and LiDAR along with an entirely new paradigm of storytelling. How all of this blends together is a complex web, but we will explore a version of the future that we can start building today."

No doubt Amy will blend in the extended realities of our future, with 5G to be of great importance, and it promises to be a fascinating presentation - you can get tickets to StartCon and more than 55 other speakers here.

Here's my video interview with Amy, with more information on another presentation Amy is giving on Monday 25 November after that - please read on!

Below, I have the questions I asked Amy listed to tempt you into watching the video directly above, but I discovered a second presentation that Amy is giving while she is visiting Sydney and Australia.

I found it at Amy's Twitter stream, where I noticed another must-attend event, this one free of charge, dubbed "Extend Reality with Amy Peck", courtesy of the City of Sydney, the Studio and StartCon.

It will be held on Monday 25 November, between 6 and 7pm at Darling Square Library, with free tickets available here.

While Amy will be talking about 5G at StartCon, she will discuss the intricacies of AR, VR and XR at Monday's event, and how it has changed lives and is continuing to shift our futures.

We're told that "Peck's forte is distilling complex technologies into meaningful solutions across multiple verticals and business lines. Her passion for XR technology will be evident as she chats about her own personal mission of seeing XR become available and accessible to all, and discusses how XR can fundamentally improve every aspect of our lives and change the way we work, learn, communicate and play."

To book tickets to this event, if there are any left by the time you read this, click here.

So, what did Amy and I talk about in the video interview?

  • Well, I started by introducing Amy, and asking her to tell us a bit about her history in the world of tech, and when she first came across the whole notion of virtual reality - was it though sci-fi, that VR game from the 90s with wireframe dinosaurs you had to shoot, or something else?
  • We discussed the differences between AR, VR, MR and XR, and what it all means.
  • Amy explained how this space evolved in recent times, and how she sees it evolving over the next decade.
  • We also spoke about Apple's AR glasses, initially rumoured to arrive in 2020, but according to a Bloomberg report, now set to come in 2022 or 2023 - and whether HTC might also be working on something similar.
  • I asked Amy to give us a sneak peek on her StartCon talk, although the only way to get the full presentation will be to attend StartCon to see if for yourself!
  • I noted a bio I read that started Amy has two boys, and asked her if they are masters at VR and technology, as well as their thoughts on the future of all the new R's - the new realities competing for our attention with old fashioned reality - or whether she is a "low-tech parent" as has been the trend for some in Silicon Valley.
  • We then looked at when a "a mind interface can be developed to quickly teach us new skills, languages as more as we saw in the Matrix - without needing to drill holes into our brains".
  • Finally, I asked Amy to tell us a bit more about her talk on Monday, and then asked about her final message to iTWire viewers and readers, to StartCon delegates, to those coming to her talk on Monday, to her current and future customers and partners, and to everyone on planet Earth eagerly awaiting the future.
  • For all the details, please watch the video above!

StartCon 2019 details are here, and info on Amy's talk on Monday is here

See you at both events!


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