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Back up there for a second – Acronis has a new foundation to build schools?


Yes, you heard right, Acronis has set up a new foundation to support education and protect knowledge worldwide, having built a school in Myanmar, another in Cambodia and with more planned for Latin America, the Middle East, South East Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

When one of the world's leaders in hybrid cloud data protection decides that knowledge is worth protecting in all its forms, well beyond only data back-ups, the good in social good is so much more than just goods and services.

Acronis is the company behind the plan, and to mark its 15th anniversary, it says it has "turned its belief in the absolute value of knowledge into the Acronis Foundation, which will promote learning and opportunity around the world".

The move also celebrates the company’s founding principle that "all evils are caused by insufficient knowledge", and so the Foundation is "supporting multiple initiatives designed to stimulate education to gain and protect knowledge".

So, what is the first project, which lays a very solid foundation for the Acronis Foundation?

Well, it turns out that the first project is the "Acronis Schools Initiative, an international endowment that will fund the construction of 15 new schools in underserved communities around the globe during the next three years".

And so how does Acronis says this delivers on its core belief?

Here we're told that "constant learning, creating and protecting knowledge, and advancing technology are integral parts of Acronis’ DNA".

"As a result, Acronis has been creating and sharing knowledge by funding research and technical training programs in communities where Acronis has research and development centres.

"For its 15th anniversary," Acronis says "it was natural" for the company "to expand on this effort".

John Zanni, Acronis’ president, explained: “Acronis believes that all evils are caused by insufficient knowledge. Knowledge is always good and has the power to bring real change in the world. That belief is a core component of what drives Acronis. The company was built to protect knowledge by protecting all data, applications and system in the modern digital world."

"With the Acronis Foundation, Acronis funds programs that will spread knowledge to new audiences around the world."

Where does the "Acronis Schools Initiative" fit into all of this?

Here, Acronis points to UNESCO estimates that "more than 50% of the world’s children (over 617 million) are unable to reach the minimum proficiency levels of reading and mathematics."

Acronis states its belief that "every child has the potential to learn, giving them the skills needed to gain knowledge and create opportunities for themselves and their community. As the first project, the Acronis Schools Initiative will celebrate the company’s 15-year anniversary by funding the construction of 15 schools."

Jochen Berger, managing director of the Acronis Foundation, said: “School is where the path to knowledge and opportunity begins.

“Technology is the modern language of opportunity, but without a basic education, no one can learn that language.

"Schools built by the Acronis Foundation will provide the infrastructure where students can acquire the educational skills to learn the language of technology needed to claim those opportunities, regardless of their social, economic or cultural background.”

The Acronis Schools Initiative works with local leaders and non-profit organisations to build schools that meet the community’s unique needs. School projects are planned in Latin America, the Middle East, South East Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

What are the five guiding values?

As the Acronis Foundation spreads knowledge around the world, it says its work will be guided by five key values:

  1. Commitment – The success of each school will be tracked, and ongoing reports will be published of the schools’ performance and community impact.
  2. Focus – Every cent spent by The Acronis Schools Initiative goes toward school-building projects, while administrative costs are covered by Acronis.
  3. Appreciation – Donors deserve recognition for their contribution, so each school will have a marker with their name and donors can attend the school’s opening ceremony.
  4. Accountability – This is a charitable donation with a money-back guarantee. If a donor is not happy after the school opening, their investment will be returned.
  5. Transparency – Details about donations, expenditures, projects and payments will be fully visible to reassure partners and the public about our work.
    Anyone interested in partnering and contributing to these efforts can find additional information on the Foundation’s website.

They can also contact the Acronis Foundation directly at foundation[at] 


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