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Monday, 07 February 2011 17:10

Tibco friends enterprise IT systems


For $US12 per user per month Australian enterprises are being offered a Tibco branded social networking tool that allows their employees, partners and customers to 'friend' enterprise IT systems.

This allows the enterprise IT system to then post information on these people's walls - effectively providing a status report on a range of different activities intended to help them do their jobs. According to Tibco, instead of employees interrogating IT systems to find useful information, the social network tool - called tibbr - has 'the information finding you'.

The system, which was launched in the US last month, will be unveiled in Sydney tomorrow. It will allow users to check their wall to see, for example, whether shipments are on time, if a purchase order has been signed, or an expenses claim accepted.

Users can determine what information is posted to their walls to ensure that only relevant information is provided. Users can also post their own information, and create communities to share data with.

Enterprises meanwhile retain a level of control as they develop the system hierarchies which ensure that enterprise information is made available appropriately.

Speaking at the US launch, Tibco founder and CEO Vivek Ranadive said that this ensured that the right data was provided at the right time. 'If content was king in the 20th Century then context will be king in the 21st Century.'

Tibco, which was founded as a middleware supplier in 1997, now offers a broad range of infrastructure software to manage the flow and analysis of information in and around an enterprise. It has grown to have annual revenues of $US754 million and around 2000 employees.  In Australia the company numbers NAB and Energy Australia among its clients.

Internationally the energy sector is a key vertical market for the company. In Boulder Colorado, it has installed an application which allows the city to know in advance if an electricity transformer is about to fail based on data analysis and pattern recognition.

According to Ram Menon, executive vice president of the company who is in Australia for tomorrow's launch, the company's mission is to provide tools that 'process all information in real time, make real time correlations and then deliver in in a form factor to whoever needs it.'

tibbr is its latest innovation.

'What we are launching is a new social computing tool specially built for the enterprise to allow you to get your work done. Many companies are figuring out how to leverage social in the enterprise - but '¦how do you work the paradigm?

'It's kind of cool when you look on Facebook and see Bobby went to Starbucks. But it's not that interesting to the enterprise,' said Mr Menon.

Instead Mr Menon said that using the social networking phenomenon of sharing information by posting updates on users' walls, tibbr allowed enterprise IT systems and employees to provide information that was relevant to the user.

To date the company has signed up three users for the system (which is available as a cloud based service hosted on Amazon's cloud, or through an on premise licence). IT consulting firm Ciber, MGM Resorts and container shipping firm OOCL have all signed up for the system which Mr Menon said already provided access to the tool to 43,000 active users.

According to Tibco tibbr allows users to create, contribute to, and subscribe to the most relevant real-time enterprise information and also subscribe to external feeds from systems such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Alerts.

The application is also available on a range of mobile platforms including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and iPad.


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