Microsoft’s new Surface Book is the ultimate tab-book - a combined tablet and a notebook - and it lives up to all its promises.
Tuesday, 19 January 2016 15:44

This NUC kinda snuck up on me (review)

Mini-PCs have been around for some time – Intel’s NUC takes it to an art form. Or as it prefers to say “All the power…
Its 360° hinge allowing for clam shell, tent, tablet and presentation mode is just the start of this interesting business class or premium consumer notebook.
I love 27" HD touch screens - especially on HP's new Pavilion All-in-One desktop.
In the immortal words of Crocodile Dundee – “You call that a knife” I was similarly amused when I opened this notebook for the first…
It’s a tablet, no it’s a clamshell notebook, no it’s a Surface Pro 3 contender (for best Hybrid) – no its Elite – a name…
Sunday, 24 May 2015 14:49

HP Pro Slate 12 – review

HP makes a range of quality Windows PCs, notebooks, Chromebooks, and this huge 12.3” Android tablet aimed squarely at commercial use.
Apple has forcefully asserted its dominance in the trackpad space by introducing Force Touch capabilities, letting you get a better feel for touching Mac interactions.
In business we know what gets measured gets improved; apply this principle to your own health and fitness with the Samsung Gear Fit activity tracker.
Sunday, 19 October 2014 13:29

HP Pavilion x2 tablet – review

HP has released the Pavilion x2 – a 10.1”, Intel Atom based tablet complete with a detachable keyboard cover at $499. It is good for…



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