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VMware offers on-premises cloud

VMware vice president of engineering and product management June Yang demonstrating VMware Cloud on Dell EMC VMware vice president of engineering and product management June Yang demonstrating VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Stephen Withers

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, a fully-managed cloud service with the hardware located on customers' premises, was announced at Dell Technologies World 2019 recently.

It combines VMware vSphere, vSAN and NSX with Dell EMC VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure, all fully managed by VMware.

It is a core part of Dell Technologies newly-announced Cloud Data Center-as-a-Service family.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC will combine public cloud simplicity, agility and economics with the security, control and performance of on-premises infrastructure, the company said.

"Whether they're running infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud, organisations value a cloud operating model," said VMware cloud platform business unit senior vice-president and general manager, Mark Lohmeyer.

"VMware Cloud on Dell EMC will deliver that cloud experience to organisations that need to maintain data and applications on-premises, completely transforming how they acquire, deploy and manage infrastructure. The service will provide consistent infrastructure and operations across cloud, data centre and edge, freeing organisations to drive innovation and deliver business value while VMware operates the entire infrastructure end-to-end."

Based on technology from VMware's 2018 Project Dimension, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC will consist of VMware’s compute, storage and networking infrastructure software running on Dell EMC VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure, all delivered as a service paid for on a subscription basis.

This allows customers to consume infrastructure in data centre and edge environments on-demand via a hybrid cloud control plane that will provide administrators with visibility and management of all on-premises systems including monitoring the health of their racks, tracking the steps VMware engineers take to resolve service issues, and automatic patching and upgrading of systems end-to-end.

Among the other benefits are reduced operational complexity including one-click hardware ordering and deployment; consistent operations and infrastructure across cloud, data centre and edge for flexible workload deployment; support for containers and Kubernetes; accelerated innovation (thanks to the ability to focus on applications and business outcomes rather than infrastructure); and built-in enterprise security across the data centre and edge locations.

During the announcement at Dell Technologies World 2019, VMware vice-president of engineering and product management June Yang demonstrated how a customer can easily select what they want and where it should be installed, using the same interface as VMware Cloud generally.

"Dell EMC and VMware have been working together diligently to make this an excellent service for customers, who are looking to streamline their operations, reduce operational complexity and accelerate innovation," said Dell EMC senior vice-president of strategy and planning Matt Baker.

"With VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, VMware’s infrastructure software is integrated with the Dell EMC VxRail hyperconverged platform, offering the fastest and simplest way to hybrid clouds and empowering customers to drive any enterprise workload. It’s a win-win for IT and line of business owners."

The new service was the result of 18 months of joint work by VMware and Dell EMC, he added.

Dell Technology Cloud is attracting interest particularly from retailers and other organisations with "branchy environments", said Baker.

"The world is increasingly multi-cloud... and they want a hybrid experience to manage that."

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is currently in beta, and was expected to become available in the US in the second half of 2019, said Gelsinger.

Customers who prefer to manage their own hardware can instead order the existing VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail.

However, most customers want to spend less time on infrastructure and more time business ourcomes, said VMware general manager and vice president of integrated business system units John Gilmartin.

Dell Technologies chairman and chief executive Michael Dell said the company has no plans to offer Dell Technologies Cloud from its own data centres, as VMware Cloud is already available from 4000 partners (including AWS). Rather, Dell Technologies Cloud will make it easier for customers to move workloads between these clouds and on-premises equipment, whether that is in their data centres or at edge sites.

"We believe there will be a boom in edge computing," he said.

Asked about the seemingly long delivery time for the new product, Dell said the company's policy was "under-promise and over-deliver."

Disclosure: The writer attended Dell Technologies World 2019 as a guest of the company.



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