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A new service from cloud security provider Manage Protect offers data leakage protection from the cloud.
Carsguide.com.au - a website for the sale of new and used cars - has implemented IPscape's cloud based contact centre services to improve the handling…
Cloud services integrator, Cloud Solutions Group has added TwinStrata's CloudArray cloud storage gateway to its portfolio.
Optus and its IT services subsidiary, Alphawest, have launched an on-premise cloud computing system designed to enable businesses to virtualise their existing IT applications 'in-the-cloud'…
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 23:04

Cloud white ants IT departments

The corporate credit card coupled with cloud computing is white-anting IT departments, and only those which act quickly will avoid becoming mere custodians of dusty…
Symantec says it has doubled the capacity of its Symantec.cloud services in Australia in the last year by signing a three-year, multi-million dollar deal to…
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 10:01

Ingenyes reopens as OpenStore

Hosting provider Ingenyes has renamed itself OpenStore to reflect its emphasis on eCommerce services. The company is also looking to extend its client base from…
Australian CIOs have tied their future career prospects very much to the mast of cloud computing, with recent research revealing that they believe cloud computing…
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 01:08

Anarchy looms for BYO sceptics

More than 50 per cent of mid-ranking and senior managers claim that they feel more productive, happier and less stressed when using their own devices…



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