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Weather forecasting just got better- much better

More accurate and more frequent weather forecasts will now be delivered by the Bureau of Meteorology with the bureau now given access to the Himawari-8 satellite, the most advanced dedicated weather satellite in the world.

The operational Japanese satellite will provide the bureau with more than 50 times the volume of data as was available from previous satellite, and sends the information to the weather watchers every 10 minutes, instead of every hour with previous satellites.

And, not only is the data provided more frequently, the quality and clarity of the images supplied by Himawari are vastly improved on the images available previously.

What’s more, all Australians can access the near real-time imagery from Himawari thanks to the Bureau of Meteorology making them available over three online channels. To access the channels, click here to take you to the bureau’s website.

The bureau says that by accessing the channels, you will be able to ‘zoom in’ on a two kilometre cell over your region – compared with the previous 13 kilometres – and can not only see storm cells, but also fire fronts and smoke plumes.

Bureau of Meteorology chief executive and director of technology, Dr Rob Vertessy, says that by providing public access to the data, he hopes to see people better understand weather systems, and to factor the weather into their recreation and business activities.

“The Himawari satellite reveals so much more of the weather, in fact, more than we've ever seen before by any other prior weather satellite."

"It's a huge leap forward from the current technology."


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