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Australia's government-run weather experts the Bureau of Meterology will purchase a new supercomputer and datacentre following a datalink upgrade, boosting speeds from 80 gigabits per…
A new study based on satellite observations, just released globally by Australia's science agency the CSIRO, is likely to cause a stir among anti-carbon dioxide…
Australia’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Research Centre of Excellence, NICTA, is leading what it says is a ground-breaking, multi-million-dollar project that will use ‘big…
Imagine stitching together 477 images to create a 3.8 gigapixel picture of Mt Everest.
Even the climate change sceptics are coming on-board. A recent study by the Berkeley Earth group confirms both a rising temperature and a closely related…
In what is now a seemingly regular occurrence for Melbournians, a 4.5 magnitude earthquake has rocked south east Victoria for a second time since a…
Felt as minor shaking with a low rumble throughout Melbourne, a mid-sized earthquake, reported to be the largest ever recorded in Victoria,  gave the Latrobe…
Having exhausted all other possible causes, Melbourne University researchers conclude that the dramatic increase in local temperatures over the past 60 years can only be…
Climate variations in the Indian and Pacific Oceans will drive the planet's climate in 2012.
Wednesday, 23 March 2011 17:43

CSIRO says climate change knowledge essential

Understanding how climate change could impact on the deterioration of the basic building block of much of Australia's infrastructure - concrete - is crucial to…




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