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Thursday, 02 April 2009 18:15

Entry-level server platform for SMEs released by Microsoft

Microsoft has brought out a new entry-level server-based solution targeted at small businesses with 15 or fewer users, which it says gives them the ability, at a modest cost, to run business applications and databases, host Web sites, and provide basic server functionality such as file and print sharing and remote access.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced the introduction of Windows Server 2008 Foundation which he says will “give small businesses the right technologies at the right price, with access to the power of server-based business software.”

“Small businesses around the world have big business dreams and needs and to support their success I am also pleased to announce that we will donate a portion of the revenues of Windows Server 2008 Foundation to TechSoup.org and Telecentre.org, two organisations that focus on bringing the power of technology to nonprofits around the world.

“We see this as an opportunity not only to deliver a technical foundation for business growth but also to create a financial foundation for community.”

Balmer said Microsoft’s goal was to provide a Windows Server-based solution for every customer need, size and budget.
“Windows Server 2008 Foundation delivers server functionality that customers have come to expect from Microsoft in a familiar Windows environment. As the business grows, customers can upgrade to other members of the Windows Server family, which provide additional functionality such as integrated e-mail, simplified management, virtualization and other advanced features.

“Customers can invest in Windows Server 2008 Foundation with confidence that there will be a Windows Server-based solution that suits their evolving business needs.”

IDC program VP, Al Gillen, said Microsoft was filling a crucial hole at the low end of its Windows Server portfolio by delivering a simple, low-cost solution geared for small businesses and first-time server users.

“Windows Server 2008 Foundation really rounds out Microsoft’s server platform and provides a solution for a key market segment.”

Microsoft has said it expects the new server platform to be especially popular in small businesses across all markets and that the modest cost will “make it possible for businesses to grow, innovate and stay competitive in a globally diverse marketplace which in turn can ignite growth for their local economies.”

The operating system will be made available initially across 40 countries and in several languages, beginning with English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish, with more localised versions coming throughout the year.

Rebecca Masisak, co-CEO of TechSoup Global, said Windows Server 2008 Foundation was great addition to the products offered by Microsoft to meet the needs of smaller organisations, including nonprofits, and “this grant will allows us to expand the information available to help nonprofits learn how to best make use of new technology products to achieve their respective missions as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

Microsoft has partnered with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) server hardware makers to bring Windows Server 2008 Foundation to market and to provide, what Microsoft calls, a simplified and convenient buying experience.

Windows Server 2008 Foundation will be sold preinstalled on servers from manufacturers, including Dell, HP and IBM, with each OEM setting its own prices, which may vary by country.

Microsoft says the first such machines will be available for purchase in the coming months, and if you’re a small business and want more information and details on how to purchase Windows Server 2008 Foundation follow the link to http://www.microsoft.com/windowsfoundationserver.



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