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Aussie/NZ Prezi users first to get Android preso pressie Featured


It’s not yet Christmas, but Prezi’s new preso pressie is squarely aimed at Australian and NZ users who want first dibs on taste testing Prezi’s new presentation software recipe.

Preso - it’s Aussie slang for a presentation. Pressie - it’s Aussie slang for a present, as in a gift.

Now that you understand my headline and intro paragraph, in case you didn’t before, Australians and New Zealanders are the test audience - the first set of beta-testers if you will - of Prezi’s new Android app.

Prezi is the beautifully graphically animated presentation software that short circuits Microsoft’s Powerpoint and leaves it for dead.

I mean, just go and take a look at Prezi’s website and look at the home page which showcases a Prezi presentation, and then watch the video.

You’ll see it for yourself - Prezi is like the president of presentation programs, whereas Microsoft Powerpoint is like the melting, still smoking, burnt out power socket on the wall after a massive lightning strike.

The news of the new Android Prezi beta app comes just days after Prezi received a whopping US $57 million investment from Spectrum Equity and Accel Partners, so they’ve got plenty of solid financial backing behind them.

And, with Prezi doing well globally with 50 million users and 1 million in our region, it’s nice to see Prezi thinking Aussies and NZ’ers on Android devices are a more than worthy enough audience to get to beta test something first, before the rest of the world - which you can do here via the Google Play store. 

That said, various places in Australia and New Zealand do serve as beta test areas for other parts of the world, but hey - with Prezi being a cool app, this is no bad thing, and undoubtedly Prezi users with Android devices in other parts of the world will be jealous we’re getting access first!

Prezi is also available for iPhone, iPad, Windows desktops and Macs, and now this new Android beta version that will presumably get launched to a wider market sometime in early 2015. It comes in a free version, as well as a couple of paid subscription versions - much like Microsoft's Office does these days, too. 

Prezi says that ‘everyone from educators, to start-ups pitching for venture capital, small businesses keen to punch above their weight, professional speakers and big corporates including the likes of Telstra, Zurich, MLC and Rio Tinto, are currently enjoying the benefits of Prezi in Australia and New Zealand.’

Prezi’s Head of International, Drew Banks, drew no blanks when he stated that: “Prezi recently hit 1 million users in Australia and New Zealand, and we know that Android has strong penetration in that part of the world, so it was an obvious target market to test out the app.

“Aussies and Kiwis are extremely tech savvy and highly engaged with Prezi. It’s a passionate community of users and we’re thrilled to be able to share this beta app with them and receive their feedback.”

Banks was on the money when he said the app was ‘designed to be used on-the-go to give people more opportunities to prepare and pitch their presentations.’

“Unlike slides, Prezi’s open, zoomable canvas lets presenters show relationships between the big picture and fine details, helping them to put their ideas in context. This way, their message is more likely to resonate, motivate, and be remembered,” Banks said.

“The app allows for extra practice on the way to deliver a presentation or to review content with a co-worker prior to a meeting,” he added.

Daryl Bishop, a VMWare business solution strategist said: “Telling a story is crucial in the delivery and more importantly, the comprehension of a compelling message with our customers.

“Powerpoint is good at presenting detail, however lacks the ability to create a narrative and intimately connect with customers. We use Prezi to kick-off presentations, and our experience is that customers immediately connect with the message. As a result we can keep their attention longer than with traditional presentation mediums."

Key Prezi Android app features include:

- Syncing in the cloud — no matter where or on which device the prezi was last worked on
- On-the-go access at any time, from any place
- Full access to saved prezis, prezis found online, and those shared by others
- Offline access to recently used prezis and to other prezis for inspiration

You can get your Prezi Android preso pressie here.



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