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Promapp fuels growth at Pacific Petroleum

Pacific Petroleum has deployed Promapp’s cloud-based business process mapping to overcome its “ad-hoc” approach to managing business processes, where critical process information had previously been held in various systems in traditional formats such as Word documents, Visio charts, and PowerPoint presentations.

Hosted in the cloud, Promapp drives process improvement by simplifying process mapping so that teams can own, update and improve their own processes. It will specifically enable Pacific Petroleum to map, review and improve processes on an ongoing basis, providing a faster, smarter way to deliver products and services to their customers wherever they may be located.

Michael Hollows, managing director, Pacific Petroleum, says, “We’re known for having a small company feel but with big company service. We enable clients to contact the right person at the right time, so queries are addressed quickly and efficiently. However, with multiple offices up and down the east coast, we increasingly saw that process owners were being limited by the tools they were using and the fairly manual process maintenance they were required to follow.”

In business for over 40 years, Queensland-based Pacific Petroleum serves more than 2200 businesses across Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea, and has a customer base spanning the transport, earthmoving, construction, automotive, agriculture, energy and mining industries.

Following a market review, Pacific Petroleum decided to deploy Promapp which will support the company by helping it improve and share process knowledge from a central online repository.

“We also understood that we needed a new approach to managing critical organisational process content as the inherent riskiness of the industry means that the cost of getting a process wrong can be very high. Over time, it was increasingly clear that the management of processes was beginning to negatively impact the business and we wanted to improve on this situation," said Hollows.

At the same time, Promapp’s integrated risk and compliance functionality will support the company’s auditing and non-conformance requirements and improve Pacific Petroleum’s ability to meet customer requirements with the timely supply of quality products and services, provided through safe working conditions and sound commercial practices.

“Our differentiation is our people and how they go about doing things. We need to share our knowledge base. Promapp will enable us to do this across the company by encouraging process ownership and by helping us communicate processes in everyday language. At the same time, it will reinforce a culture here at Pacific Petroleum which emphasises quality and continuous improvement as a responsibility of all of our employees,” said Hollows.

"Being cloud-based, Promapp enables teams to suggest improvements and update processes in real-time. This means all staff will always see the latest information. For example, if a fuel driver updates a process with a recommended improvement or the addition of video content in Mackay the updated process will immediately be accessible and can be viewed on a smart device by another driver in Victoria, supporting the company’s operational quality assurance and drive for innovation.

“We are not just a fuel and lubricants company – we are a service company, and we aim to help our customers’ businesses succeed. We look forward to the positive impact Promapp will have in being able to tap into the creative input of our people and encouraging those responsible for carrying out the work to come forward with new ideas so that processes become accessible, usable, dynamic, and managed as a critical information asset.".


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