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Veredictum.io’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal: reduce film and video piracy by 80%


Veredictum is using blockchain technology to allow creative individuals to protect their work against piracy

Veredictum.io has announced the launch of "the first stage of its smart ownership and distribution platform for film, video and creative producers to protect them from theft and piracy".

This first stage of the platform is designed to protect the "ownership of scripts, manuscripts, TV show formats and other source material for great film and video production from being stolen and represents the first stage of a much bigger vision to reduce film and video piracy by 80%".

The company explains that, by registering with Veredictum Scripts, "a writer or creative producer’s work is permanently registered to the blockchain, with a cryptographic record created that confirms the work was registered on a given date, at a given time by a given writer or producer".

This registration information is also captured in a uniquely identifiable certificate.

Tim Lea, founder of Veredictum.io, said, “As a filmmaker myself, I know how hard it is to make great content. I know how frustrating it is to see your creative work copied and the great teams that helped you make it get nothing from it.

“I know how theft and piracy is destroying the cultural values that define our society, any society. We are on a mission to protect all those involved in creative production — be it film, video, virtual reality or any creative pursuit — and the blockchain, amongst other leading-edge technologies, will help us achieve our goals.

“In addition, we are developing suites of productivity tools specifically designed to save time, whilst at the same time generating additional revenue streams not previously possible.”

Lea is an international award-winning independent film maker himself, and thus he understands the struggles and the reality of piracy and theft protection.

He said: “This launch is only the beginning. We are increasingly talking with investors who share our vision, who want to help us bring to life so many exciting ideas and tools for film, video and virtual reality producers, all aimed towards our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) of reducing film and video piracy by 80%.

“We know this is an ambitious target – but it we don’t have a target we will never hit it. But by hitting it, we will have protected so much creative work from theft. It’s hard enough making a living within the creative industries as it is, so we want to help creatives to be able to do what they love, and what they are great at, in a sustainable way.”

Lea was also interviewed by iTWire back in June. You can see the video interview and June article here. 

Key features of the Veredictum platform include:

  • Security: All work is stored securely on Veredictum.io servers. Clients can only access via the 2 factor Authentication feature – a 6 digit code sent to a client's smartphone.
  • Analytics: Creatives can see the performance of their scripts and the number of hits and "engagement" figures from producers and others involved in turning their creative ideas into reality.
  • Distribution. Creatives can send a seven-day secure link to individuals who have asked to read their material. They can also see if the link has been accessed.

Tim is also finalising his soon to be released book Down The Rabbit Hole: Discover the Power of the Blockchain

Plenty more at the Veredictum.io website here

Veredictum IO


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