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MYOB to launch two new mobile apps

MYOB today announced it will launch two different mobile apps next year, one for Aussie businesses and one for accountants.

The first is a feature-rich mobile app for iOS and Android, whose name is under wraps, which will integrate with MYOB’s flagship cloud accounting product, AccountRight Live. MYOB said it will enable businesses to access the most sought after features.

The second solution, named On The Go, is a browser-based tool for accountants. It will facilitate firms using MYOB practice solutions to access their practice data remotely by logging into a secure web portal accessible on any internet-enabled device.

MYOB CTO Simon Raik-Allen told iTWire that there was a huge demand for these apps, and that the company had done a lot of research to listen to what its customers want.

"You might not want to do full-blown accounting on your mobile but there's huge demand for people that want to complete tasks on the go. We've been surveying our client base for a while to see what they want to do and when, and what we've done is we've taken some of the top use cases we've heard from them, and implemented them into these mobile apps.

"The number one thing they want to know is 'who owes me money'; small business cash flow is so important, and now they'll be to look at that extremely easy while they're on the train, tram or whatever."

MYOB CEO Tim Reed said, “We’re thrilled to announce these most recent steps in making business life easier for our clients and partners. With mobile technologies quickly dissolving the line between working in and working out of the office, MYOB is empowering the over 1.2 million businesses we service to thrive in this evolving landscape.

“We’ve found many accountants and their clients are satisfied with desktop software while others love the enhanced productivity of working in the cloud. Regardless, what each has in common is a desire to manage their business from their pocket whenever they need to. The two new solutions will cater to these mobile moments.

“Accounting firms will benefit greatly from both of these new solutions. Firstly, MYOB is empowering accountants to connect with their practice data while on the go. Secondly, our growing suite of online services for their clients will help the move towards electronic source documents – driving practice productivity.

“This is being achieved in part through the pre-population of high quality client data, reducing the need to re-key, improving accuracy and saving time. Paper trails start with invoices and receipts; we’re pinpointing the source and enabling electronic generation. Mobile solutions are a big part of that.”

The feature set made public so far for the business app, which is being developed for iOS and Android devices, is:
· Debtors - for keeping up with who owes the business money and why
· Invoicing - for being able to manage bookwork while on the go
· Payments - making a mobile phone a merchant terminal, taking on-the-go payments and improving cash flow
· Contacts - for easy access to the contact details of business clients, suppliers, partners and others

The ‘On The Go’ tool for accountants delivers a view of key practice management solutions data including:
· Key performance indicators such as Work In Progress and Debtors, presented in table and graphical formats
· Client and other contact details such as names, addresses and phone numbers, plus Google Map integration

Raik-Allen said MYOB will share more information as the launches draw closer, including pricing and the exact launch date.


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