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Did Click Frenzy dazzle?

Following last year's melt-down, Click Frenzy is tonight trying again, this time with a Mothers' Day theme.

Memo Grant Arnott (Click Frenzy founder): When you write Mothers' Day, the apostrophe goes after the 's' not before (it's a plural possessive - we're celebrating the day dedicated to all mothers, not just one of them). Anyway, enough of a grammar lesson.

Having determined that a melt-down would not be an appropriate response to the first melt-down, Arnott handed page serving to Amazon AWS and load management to (probably) the best in the business - Akamai. So far, so good.

After a reputed one million (cue pinky knuckle to the teeth) pre-registrations the expectation was that such load management would be required, and according to this writer's brief research, the site was humming along happily. Arnott told another publication, "It's costing us a fortune, but we believe in our need to hold up and prove ourselves." We do wonder how the company will manage to pay for these services.

Of course the Click Frenzy web site is only acting as a middle-man; deal-seekers are handed off to retailers' own sites to make the purchase, and even those sites seem to be coping with the load.

In addition, a search of Twitter suggests that Click Frenzy is not a trending topic. We saw around 1 tweet per minute and many of those were other retailers jumping on the bandwagon.

Put together, this suggests Australia greeted Click Frenzy Mk II with a collective meh.


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