Panorama9 now patches Macs

The Panorama9 cloud-based IT management platform has been extended to include OS X patch management.

Using a small piece of software running on each device, Panorama9 is able to track assets, availability, network traffic and more, and then present the analysed information via a cloud-based dashboard.

The latest release incorporates patch management for OS X, allowing administrators to automate tasks across the two most commonly used desktop operating systems from one place.

"Mac and Windows have different and sometimes conflicting cultures. Windows machines are built for IT administrators to manage, whereas Macs are user-centric and don't require a middle-man," said CEO and co-founder Allan Thorvaldsen.

"We provide a middle layer that manages both worlds in a seamless way."

While Panorama9 is available on a variety of plans (starting at free for up to nine devices and one administrator), patch management is only included in the Enterprise plan that costs $US2.25 per device per month.

The service is offered on a month-by-month basis, and a free 30-day trial is offered for those signing up for paid plans.


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