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Samsung unveils new improved bada 2.0 smartphone platform

Samsung Electronics has announced the bada 2.0 smartphone platform with support for near field communication (NFC), HTML5, the Wholesale Applications Community, multitasking and voice recognition.

According to Samsung, bada 2.0 also comes with a new and improved software development kit (SDK) that opens up the platform to more developers working across different PC operating systems. The SDK also includes additional features: an advanced code analyser and a faster simulator, allowing developers more insight into the performance of their apps. Bada was unveiled in December 2009.

The bada 2.0 announcement was made during the bada developer day, which, according to Samsung, was attended by over 200 developers from around the world. It was part of App Planet, an event hosted at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Samsung says it has hosted bada Developer Days in more than 40 countries, including Australia.

The bada Developer Day at MWC marked the anniversary of the launch of the first bada-based phone, the Samsung Wave (GT-8500). One year on, Samsung says the total number of application downloads worldwide is shortly expected to surpass 80 million.

At the launch of the Wave, Samsung said it was determined to oust Nokia as the leader in the Australian handset market. However Samsung has not revealed how many bada-based phones it had sold.

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