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FonGenie launches cloud-based call management service

The FonGenie telephony platform lets businesses script their own menu tree and capture caller information, all with no new investment in infrastructure.

Subscribing businesses use a Web interface to script greetings and set up menu options. The greeting can include an additional announcement about current specials or promotions.

After that, the caller hears a standard voicemail menu with whatever choices the business sets up -- hours and location, ring through to specific people or departments, and so on. Customers can use an existing phone number or set up a new one supplied by FonGenie.

The service also offers CRM features, such as information about the caller, what messages they've heard, when they last called, and any notes from previous conversations, all of which are displayed to the call recipient before they answer.

The business can also access business intelligence about their call activity, such as how many calls come in each day, where they originate, and so on.

The service is only available in the U.S. so far. Pricing ranges from US$29.99 to $149.99 per month, depending on call volume, CRM and BI features included, and so on.



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