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ASUS cancels world's first USB 3.0 mobo for no interesting reason

People have been getting pretty excited about the world's first USB 3.0 motherboard, until ASUS decided to kill it that is.

The last few weeks have seen something of an online feeding frenzy for information regarding what was being touted as the world's very first USB 3.0 motherboard, the ASUS P6X58 Premium, and for good reason.

Not only is there the small matter of the P6X58 Premium coming with not one but two USB 3.0 'superspeed' ports but there was also the 3 PCI-Express slots, 6 DDR-3 slots, the SATA 3.0 interface giving 6Gb/sec transfers and a Core i7 processor to get excited about.

Which is why the news that it has been cancelled comes as such a surprise.

Although not as much of a surprise as the reason. According to The Inquirer an ASUS spokesperson told them that the P6X58 had been cancelled "not for any particularly interesting reasons."

Having run that through my marketing bullshit translator, out the other side pops the real world translation of "we've canned it for some really interesting reasons that we really don't want anyone to be reporting on."

So what could those reasons be then? ASUS has already stated that it has some "interesting developments technology wise" coming soon, and I suspect that these will include the new mobo launchpad for USB 3.0

It has been suggested that a new motherboard, quite possibly from a different manufacturer and replete with improved functionality and features, is just around the corner. If I were a betting man, I might gamble that Fujitsu could be that manufacturer.

Especially when you consider that it has just started shipping new USB 3.0-to-SATA bridge chips. Watch this space...


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