Thursday, 19 May 2016 10:39

HPE helps customers implement SAP HANA hybrid solutions


As one of the leading infrastructure and solution providers for SAP HANA, HPE’s new innovative solutions and services will help customers transform their IT departments.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)  has used the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, to announce new technology innovations across its portfolio of products and services to help customers transform to a hybrid infrastructure.

The announcements underscore a long-standing partnership between HPE and SAP and highlight HPE’s commitment to helping customers gain faster and better insights into their business.

“Customers today need to respond quickly to critical demands in this rapidly evolving business environment,” said Nick Wilson, general manager, Enterprise Services, and managing director, HPE South Pacific.

“The latest products and solutions from HPE and SAP will provide customers access to tightly integrated, full-stack solutions that will give them real-time business analytics and applications, managed in a secure, scalable, cost-effective cloud environment.”

The innovations from HPE for SAP HANA include:

  • The availability of an extended software toolkit that helps customers build, manage, monitor, and continuously improve SAP Fiori apps leveraging the SAP HANA platform. The latest test automation solutions support the creation of high-quality apps that deliver a superior user experience.
  • Immediate availability of a new integration between HPE’s Fortify application security solutions (resold by SAP as SAP Fortify) and SAP’s add-on for code vulnerability analysis for ABAP applications. This integration will allow end-to-end security testing for a company’s SAP software landscape leaving no room for cyberattacks. The new integration of SAP Fortify and the add-on for code vulnerability analysis are available from SAP.
  • HPE is the only SAP partner in the market certified for >12TB deployment and has more than twice the market share, compared to the competition, for customers with SAP HANA. HPE is helping a large number of consumer goods manufacturers and Fortune 100 Corporations implement 16TB and 24TB solutions.
  • SAP certification of the HPE Integrity MC990 X Server for SAP HANA tailored datacentre integration (TDI). The HPE Integrity MC990 X is a new 8-socket x86 server targeted for large business processing and decision that supports Linux workloads. MC990 X Compute Blocks for TDI will complement the leading HPE portfolio of solutions for SAP HANA, including those based on HPE ProLiant Server and Integrity Superdome X Servers. HPE also now offers datacentre care for SAP HANA tailored datacentre integration (TDI) on the HPE Integrity MC990 X Server for SAP HANA compute server to provide customers the support needed to deploy, operate, and evolve their TDI infrastructure.

HPE is also announcing key services to support every stage of the SAP HANA journey. These include:

  • Extending digital transformational service for SAP S/4HANA to the Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. These solutions include tailored advisory roadmap developments, transformational integration and migration services to SAP S/4HANA, as well as extensibility into the cloud via HPE hybrid IT. This extension, deployed exclusively on HPE’s resilient hybrid IT platform helps clients deploy and integrate more applications and releases faster; lower their cost of IT operations; and unlock business value across their critical business processes.
  • To address specific deployment, configuration, high-availability, migration, upgrade, and ongoing support needs for SAP HANA clients, HPE provides remote technical assessments, firmware and software updates, as well as SUSE and Red Hat OS security patching services.
  • The Rapid Advisory Service is a collaborative two-day workshop to help customers identify potential risks and opportunities before hardware deployment for faster time to value.
  • The Platform Protection and Compliance Service is a combination of processes and tools developed by HPE leveraging different security standards (CIS, NIST, ISO, and DISA) to assess and lock down the security-related settings of different platforms to comply with regulations (such as PCI, SOX, and HIPAA) and to strengthen the security posture of an organisation’s IT infrastructure.

HPE announced a streamlined submission process for companies to simply and conveniently partner with SAP and HPE. This process will enable companies to leverage leading HPE infrastructure solutions, services, software, cloud and financing capabilities to deliver faster and more holistic solutions for clients’ complex hybrid infrastructure requirements.



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