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Webroot SecureAnywhere - fast and furious!

  • 21 February 2012
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Released late this evening, Webroot's new personal security product claims to be the fastest available.




As with most personal device security products, Webroot's SecureAnywhere 2102 ticks all the main boxes.

Of course it blocks viruses, spyware, rootkits etc; it also performs regular full scans of the device and has sufficient heuristics to (hopefully) identify suspicious behaviour in malware it doesn't yet know about.

Webroot also claims that the product is in a state of continual update and is also able to manage device settings so that they are unaffected by malicious activity.  All of those features are in the basic product, Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus.

Add to that a firewall and a handful of identity protection features (anonymous browsing, permanent file deletion and phishing attack blocks) along with 2GB of online backup and a PC file synchronisation service and you have Webroot Secure Anywhere Essentials.

Finally, in Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete, purchasers will also receive authentication encryption, secure form filling and online shopping protection.  Additionally in this top-end version, there are a number of mobile device protection features such as app scanning, remote wiping and a location service (both if the device is stolen).  Also, the online backup storage is increased to 10GB.

How about a few more details about how it works?  Read on.



According to Webroot, the product installs in just six seconds and is capable of scanning the average PC in under two minutes, consuming just 12MB of RAM in the process.

It offers both on-line and off-line protection relying on a cloud-based appraisal and signature distribution service and also a local firewall.

Despite claiming to be the "Only solution using behaviour-based detection; This entirely different approach to threat detection leverages the cloud as the central intelligence network. Unique file pattern and behaviour recognition technology means the Webroot client intercepts file execution patterns and behaviour, then checks it against a powerful cloud database of millions of files."  Other solutions released recently also seem to take a similar approach with cloud-based analysis of malware and delivery of signature files.

In addition to the clear home user target, Webroot also has a range of business-focussed versions which continue the home-use feature set and add the ability for  Administrators to remotely execute commands such as scanning, killing un-trusted processes, rebooting, or running a script, on any endpoint.

According to Matthew Turany, ICT Manager at the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Western Operations, "Our experience with [the product] to date has been nothing short of amazing, from reduced memory footprint to dramatically shortened scan times, the product continues to impress us. With our previous product, our full system scan times would take anywhere from sixty minutes to over two hours, with many of our users complaining of poor system performance during these times. With WSA these times have dropped to just a few minutes with the user hardly noticing the impact. Combined with the simplicity of the management console, total ease of use, and almost instant visibility this has been a very successful project."

A full review of the product is currently in progress and will appear on iTWire when completed.



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