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14 VIDEOS: CA Technologies showcases the disruptive tech enterprises need for the future


Insights for better experiences, intelligent automation for DevOps and “Shift-Left” for native security are the innovations enterprises need for their Modern Software Factories.

At its second annual Built to Change Summit, CA Technologies showcased a range of new and updated innovations across the portfolio that fuel every company’s evolution to what it calls a Modern Software Factory

As you'll see in the text below, and the 14 videos inserted within this article, these solutions "integrate powerful advanced analytics and data science with machine-learning, artificial intelligence and automation into the tools and technologies that support the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC)".

Given the pace of change today, and the ever growing importance of software to a company's future success, the maturity of this reality sees various industries implementing the use of AI and advanced analytics within the enterprise as "top-of-mind for companies looking to optimise their business with the use of this technology."

Indeed, according to a recent Gartner report entitled "Predicts 2018: Artificial Intelligence", AI and machine learning strategy development/investment "is already in the top five CIO priorities".

Yet, while the benefits of AI at a high level are readily accepted and new use cases continue to emerge, CA sagely notes that "hurdles to fully realising the business benefits of AI still exist."

In fact, as Gartner states in the same report as above, “CIOs face two key challenges in exploring and adopting AI: the availability of skilled and experienced staff, and the lack of IT and business understanding of AI's potential,” which CA says "highlights for us the need for organisations to consider aspects beyond technology when embarking on a digital transformation journey."

So, what are some important insights for better experiences?

Well, it should come as no surprise to see CA state that "leveraging the vast amounts of data generated to glean actionable insights that drive business impact is an ongoing challenge.

"Adding to the complexity of the issue is being able to use the data in modern architectures that use APIs and microservices for new and improved services and offerings."

To address this challenge, CA says it is "giving customers the ability to derive and apply deep insights for machine learning and artificial intelligence that helps with more accurate planning, as well as predictive modelling, and real-time remediation to operational issue".

Karl Kleinert, vice-president of Sales at IntelliNet, echoed this by stating: "As a leading management consulting and technology services firm that focuses on digital innovation, we understand the critical role that data plays in business transformation.

“The ability to leverage data taken from various platforms and correlate that data to derive insights that have an impact on our company’s bottom line is an extremely powerful thing.”

Here's Video 1: CA Technologies built to change introduction to attending media, the article continues thereafter, please read on!

What are some of the new ways CA is helping companies apply key insights? These include:

  • CA Digital Operational Intelligence, a machine learning–driven solution that provides comprehensive insights by automatically ingesting cross-domain data from IT operations tools. Powered by CA Jarvis, the solution uses algorithmic intelligence to quickly identify the problem root cause, measure and improve business service levels, improve cost and resources utilisation, and proactively detect and remedy potential issues.
  • CA Project Portfolio Management (CA PPM) 15.4 introduces a strategic planning capability with a roadmapping module for top-down visual planning and collaboration. It gives users the ability to easily view, pivot and sort investment information across the organisation and delivers actionable business intelligence with extensive modelling and forecasting capabilities.

Video 2: CA Tech, Insights for better customer experiences, featuring Greg Lotko, Surya Panditi, Dilshad Simons and Barry Becker.

In this video, we learn that "with today’s new and disruptive technologies comes the need for the evolution of knowledge, skills and practices".

"Successful strategy, planning and execution requires a new way to work and manage enterprise innovation across tried and true systems-of-record and emerging platforms.

CA shows how its "products and services offer visibility and insight across the business, from mobile to mainframe and cloud, that leads to smarter decision-making, better customer service and development that delivers impact and execution for immediate ROI".

Then we get to "Intelligent automation for DevOps"

CA reports that the latest update to its "CA Automic One Automation Platform" empowers the Ops of DevOps through "new lifecycle management of automation artefacts, intelligent critical-path management, and support for PostgreSQL".

It also "supports shift-left automation capabilities for Developers with new automation-as-code functionality, and connects automation silos with new integrations for CA Workload Automation, CA Continuous Delivery Director, and CA Jarvis to deliver powerful analytics capabilities."

John Gildenzoph, DevOps engineer at TASC, said: "The CA Automic One Automation engine allows TASC to better orchestrate our development toolchain and plug in the right tools as we need them.

“Whether we need to deploy software or new instances, our automation engine gives us the flexibility to deliver new services at scale. With the CA Automation platform, we are now a more nimble and agile organisation and instead of being impeded by arduous processes, we can focus on what is important - driving business value for the company.”

Video 3: CA Tech, building better apps faster with automation, featuring Jeff Scheaffer, Rahim Bhatia, David Williams and Aran White

In this video, we learn that "in an era where business success or failure can depend on the speed and quality of software delivery, automation is the backbone of a successful DevOps culture".

"It’s about continuous everything – all with increased efficiency and speed without sacrificing quality that adapts and adjusts to customer and market needs. See how CA provides every modern software factory with DevOps and DevSecOps solutions to fully embrace digital transformation."

Next up is one of the most important issues of the modern era: Secure development from the start

Here we learn that "the latest addition to the CA Security portfolio, CA Veracode SourceClear is a SaaS-based software composition analysis tool which relies on a unique vulnerability database that goes beyond the National Vulnerability Database and vulnerable methods technology to increase the actionability of static composition analysis (SCA) results.

"Unique to CA, the combination of CA Veracode and CA Veracode SourceClear offerings enable organisations to use open source libraries to accelerate software development without adding unmanaged risk to support the DevSecOps movement."

Scot Bellamy, manager and senior security architect at Cardinal Health, said: "Being able to integrate application scanning in our DevOps practices means delivering new value-added services to customers quickly, with the reassurance of security and integrity in all apps and services.

“We’re shifting left and cutting down cycle times by integrating security into our development practices.”

Ayman Sayed, the dynamic president and chief product officer at CA Technologies, said: "We’re seeing the benefits of advanced analytics, machine-learning and artificial intelligence today and for the future.

“CA is helping every modern software factory by integrating and incorporating these capabilities with big data, automation and security to help customers realize even greater value from their technology investments.”

Sayed also penned a great blog post entitled: "It’s All About the Data." 

Video 4: CA Tech, Making security a competitive advantage, featuring Mordecai Rosen, Sam King, Scot Bellamy and Mark Curphey

In this video, we learn that "Trust is the lifeblood of today’s digital economy".

"With growing connectivity across people, devices and things, we’re seeing an ever-expanding threat landscape that requires companies to institutionalise a culture of security.

"Through software testing and integrated analytics, see how CA creates and delivers the solutions for every company to embrace an integrated security-first mentality across development and IT."

Video 5: CA Tech, Creating an Agile business

Video 6: CA Tech, talking digital transformation and change

Talking digital transformation and change with Rahim Bhatia, general manager, Developer Products, and Scott Morrison, vice-president and Distinguished Engineer in CA’s CTO Office at 2018 Built to Change

Video 7: CA Tech 'Accelerator' update on its internal start-up program, featuring CA chief technology officer Otto Berkes, founder Andrew Homeyer and Freshtracks founder Marc Chipouras.

Video 8: CA Tech Advanced Research Deep Dive, featuring Berkes, Research Scientist Dr. Maria Valez-Rojas, vice-president of Strategic Research, Dr Victor Muntés-Mulero and Research Scientist Dr Steven Greenspan

Here we learn "how CA’s strategic research tackles the grand challenges of technological complexity and scale to realise the promise of our digital world".

"Led by world-class data scientists and strategic thinkers, projects range from 'Cobotics' (human-to-robot workflows), to embedding deep learning in the IoT, to enabling collaboration while maintaining data privacy.

"Through scientific internal exploration and discovery, and partnerships with governments, renowned academic institutions, and industry consortia, our strategic research is focused on what matters in technology today and tomorrow. Hear how some of this research could have a major impact on the leading digital orgs of our time."

Video 9: Berkes' media Q&A talk to APJ media during the 2018 Built to Change conference, talking AI, CA start-ups and plenty more.

Video 10: CA Tech Design Workshop held during Built to Change 2018, featuring Albert Tan and Aaron Sagray

“What should we build?” is a question that teams don’t ask themselves enough.

"As part of the modern software factory,it is critical that companies understand what they should build. Just because it can be built doesn’t mean it should be built, and teams often fail by not building the right thing".

This session helps you "learn more about how to determine the elements of a successful design and how it plays into the future successof a business".

In addition to these new and updated solutions and capabilities, CA also announced at its Built to Change Summit new innovations for mainframe environments. 

These new leading-edge solutions "unleash the power of the mainframe for the future and new possibilities for the Modern Software Factory".

We're told that "CA Brightside and a new partnership with IBM seek to help clients modernise their IT infrastructure to innovate faster," with "CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence" being a "SaaS-based offering that helps clients realise ROI opportunities for the mainframe through an assessment and recommendations to optimise performance".

Far from being dead, mainframes continue being an integral part of the computing landscape, with CA and IBM announcing "The Next Phase of DevOps For the Mainframe."

CA and IBM have been long-term partners, and announced a "strategic partnership to jointly develop and sell new services for IBM’s Cloud Managed Services on z Systems (zCloud)".

This partnership "enables clients that rely on the mainframe for business critical operations to easily access development, testing, application management and regulatory compliance services within IBM’s zCloud offering for operational resiliency, efficiencies and workforce agility".

Together, IBM and CA Technologies "will provide a suite of mainframe software solutions, including the newly-released CA Brightside. First available on IBM zCloud, CA Brightside makes it easy to integrate the mainframe into enterprise DevOps workflows.

"It is the first solution designed to increase the productivity of development teams to control, script and build for the mainframe like any other cloud platform, using familiar open source tools."

Here, Philip Guido, general manager of Infrastructure Services for IBM Global Technology Services, said: “Our clients are accelerating their digital transformation and many are incorporating the mainframe as an essential part of their transformation.

“To assist our clients, IBM introduced Cloud Managed Services on z Systems. This service combines the security and power of IBM’s mainframe with the flexibility and scalability of the IBM Cloud. IBM and CA are committed to deepening the platform’s role in enterprise digital transformation.”

Clients using Cloud Managed Services on z Systems can also leverage CA tools to help reduce costs, speed application deployment and integration with:

  • CA Brightside: Easily develop applications for the mainframe using existing open source tools and frameworks such as Jenkins, Gradle and IntelliJ thru a command line interface.
  • CA Service Virtualisation: Rapidly test and modify applications in place, making it easier for companies to do mainframe test and development in the cloud.
  • CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence: Monitor applications in the cloud and integrate into existing digital performance management solutions.
  • CA Data Content Discovery: Find, classify and protect data to safeguard clients’ personally identifiable information and help meet compliance regulations.

Greg Lotko, general manager, Mainframe at CA Technologies, said: “CA and IBM have an opportunity to help our clients overcome challenges in rising costs of IT ownership, workforce evolution and security issues head on.

“Together, we give every company an opportunity to realize even greater value in their investments by combining the reliability of the mainframe with the speed and agility of DevOps.”

We're told that "the software and services are available today to all IBM Managed Cloud Services for z Systems clients in North America and will be rolled out globally throughout the rest of 2018".

So, what of "Using Automation to Speed Mainframe ROI"?

Here, CA says its "CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence is an industry-first solution to help realise the greatest value from existing mainframe investments.

"Delivering reports with actionable insights and practical steps to achieve business results in days, rather than months, this SaaS-based assessment offering automates scanning and the collection of disparate data to assess and visualise potential savings, optimisation and investment scenarios. This is impactful as a significant majority (78%) of mainframe clients plan to grow MIPS by 10%, but most have not been given any additional budget or resources to do so."

Phil Mangis, vice-president, Information Systems at Dollar Bank said: "We use the mainframe to run many aspects of our business.

“It’s critical we operate as efficiently as possible. The process of optimisation is relentless, continuous and labor-intensive. I see great opportunity in what CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence can do for our business through data automation coupled with reports and benchmarks that quickly reveal what is happening on our mainframe with actionable insights.”

In addition to these new innovations for mainframe environments, CA also announced "a set of new solutions and capabilities spanning across its comprehensive enterprise software portfolio".

Video 11: CA Tech, talking mainframes with CA'a general manager of Mainframe, Greg Lotko and IBM vice-president of Hybrid Cloud Services, Barry Becker

Video 12: CA Tech’s Mordecai Rosen talks security, DevSecOps and more at the 2018 Built to Change conference in an APJ media Q&A

Video 13: CA Tech Ayman Sayed Media Q&A during Day 2 of the Built to Change conference in Santa Clara talking digital transformation, security, DevSecOps and the entire CA Tech product line.

Video 14: CA Tech and Fresh Tracks co-founder Marc Chipouras talks start ups, the CA Accelerator program, challenges, success and more – the article concludes below, please read on!

Finally, CA Technologies also announced that its "Strategic Research team will collaborate on three projects funded by the European Union (EU) Horizon 2020 program. These projects will enable the secure and smart IoT systems that will underpin a more trusted and connected world, and will explore the development of algorithms and tools required to build compliance into software development processes".

Here we learn that "CA Strategic Research scientists explore new technologies, applications and platforms like IoT, robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more through diverse R&D efforts in partnership with leading research communities in academia, government and beyond.

"For IoT, the possibilities are unbounded and include smart cities, transit and infrastructure, among others. But IoT systems are also highly complex, layered, and present fundamental scientific challenges around system resiliency, trust and continuous innovation."

Berkes said: "To realise the massive promise of an IoT-driven world, we must solve complex challenges.

“These hurdles must be overcome before we can deliver IoT systems that can provide valuable and trusted data, be adaptable and open to new technologies – systems that haven’t even been invented yet.”

ALOHA for Deep, Secure Learning

CA Tech explained that "a smart security system that gathers data from IoT devices needs to ensure that the AI-based decisions from that data are not producing biased results. The ALOHA (Adaptive Learning on Heterogeneous Architectures) project aims to improve human decision-making in IoT applications".

"ALOHA will explore how a type of AI, known as ‘deep learning’, can be embedded in IoT applications to imitate biological neural networks and acquire human-like learning capabilities. This work also exploits the increasing compute capacity of edge devices that provide an entry point into enterprise or service provider core networks — like routers and servers — and their ability to support the execution of AI algorithms.

"CA’s Security expertise will contribute a depth of understanding to this project which is critical to creating bias-free AI."

Victor Muntés, vice-president of Strategic Research, CA Technologies, said: "CA’s goal through ALOHA is to learn from experience and react autonomously to a surrounding environment, while avoiding AI bias."

ENACT for Smarter IoT

"Today, smart railway systems require an IoT system comprised of multiple applications. Exposing vulnerabilities early on in the software development process could prevent a major system failure. The ENACT project aims to drive faster innovation across trustworthy, smart IoT systems through new development, operation and security applications that span IoT, edge and cloud infrastructures.

"In addition to developing smart home e-health applications, this pioneering research will also help to build AI-based self-diagnosis for smart operation, which will eventually enable trains to 'learn' and predict anomalies. These 'smart trains' will also need advanced simulation models to ensure IoT system and application security as edge devices are continuously added in the future."

As a leading partner in the project, CA Technologies notes it will "push the boundaries of continuous delivery, agile operation and security technologies and processes designed for smart IoT systems".

Muntés added: "In the future, all devices will ultimately be connected. ENACT research will help transform the understanding of how trusted, smart IoT systems can be developed and operated in our fast-changing environment.

“CA’s deep expertise in the enterprise, combined with insights from our Strategic Research, aims to contribute to a more trusted, connected world and transform concepts into breakthroughs.”

Then there's "PDP4E for Better Privacy and Personal Data Protection"

Here we learn that the "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new and comprehensive law that requires businesses and governments to protect the personal data and privacy of individuals in the EU. The regulation has a global impact and cuts across all sectors with non-compliance potentially resulting in massive fines.

"GDPR is expected to set a new standard not only for consumer rights regarding their data, but also companies challenged with putting systems and processes in place to comply.

"The Privacy and Data Protection for Engineers (PDP4E) project will address the protection of personal data, and explore how to better enable the development of code that allows companies to comply with GDPR, by enabling engineers with tools to integrate data privacy during the development process (or “Privacy by Design”).

"CA’s research for PDP4E will support the development of tools and processes that enable data privacy, facilitating GDPR-compliance for organisations as they create new applications. The research will also explore algorithms for classifying documents with personal information and without it to simplify the detection of the content that is subject to data protection regulation."

Muntés continued: “As we rely on AI and new development processes to uncover ways to make GDPR compliance easier, our goal is to reduce the burden and potential financial impact that this regulation could impose on organisations while streamlining compliance."

"In collaboration with the EU, CA’s research creates opportunities that accelerate ideas to outcomes. Projects span next gerneration infrastructure, security and privacy, and new business models and processes."

Muntés concluded: “For example with ALOHA, CA will also focus on exploring how agile methodologies can be used when embedding deep learning in our applications".

CA reminds us that its "projects are conducted through the Office of the CTO and led by a team of distinguished researchers, engineers and staff. To date, CA Strategic Research has published more than 75 papers, and has been granted more than 70 patents".

Alex Zaharov-Reutt attended CA Technologies Built to Change 2018 as a guest of CA Technologies.

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