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Friday, 09 August 2019 21:36

Why Remo Hard Drive Recovery is the best option to recover Data?

By Guest Writer

SPONSORED REVIEWS. Have you ever lost a whole partition on your hard drive or SSD? Although it is very uncommon for this scenario to occur, facing this disaster and losing precious data on my SSD has taught me quite a few interesting things. My research to find the most effective data recovery software has been a revelation and motivated me to write the review about this tool Remo Hard Drive Recovery. I’m hoping this review will help many people to come.

It all started when I wanted to refer a few old work files that I saved in a separate drive as I didn’t want to risk losing them. It also was easier and organized to maintain a different partition for work. But never in my wildest dreams have I thought that a whole drive would go missing on me. All the 180 GB of my work files just vanished from my computer.

It was quite disappointing; I still lost a partition, even after going an extra mile of replacing the conventional hard disk drive with an SSD to ensure drive failure is less likely to occur. Instinctively, I ran a virus scan and started to read various blogs to try and figure out the causes of a lost partition on my hard drive. The virus scan proved futile. Along the process I happened to stumble upon various data recovery software.

This is when I found Remo Hard Drive Data Recovery a rather decent tool with a simple interface. It was only logical for me to choose this tool over its various other competitors due to the reviews I have read about it. According to the reviews, this tool was most effective when it comes to recovering partitions. Rather than going blindly with the reviews, there were three most important things on my priority list for choosing the right partition recovery software:

  • Safe to Use: A safe and trusted tool that will not put my data on other partitions at risk is what I learnt in my observations and research to find the right partition recovery software.
  • Capable of working in Severe Data loss Scenarios: I also found that the reason for losing my partition could range from corrupted or damaged hard drive to complex issues like bad sectors on hard drive. Hence, I have to find a tool that is capable of working on all these complex data loss scenarios. The partition recovery software I am looking for should be able to work on all the above-mentioned data loss scenarios for me to recover lost data.
  • Return of Investment: One thing I learnt in the process of finding a data recovery tool is that there is no such thing called as free data recovery software. If you want to get back your lost data, you will have to invest a certain amount of money to recover lost data. To be honest, the return on investment is only my lost data but considering that the data recovery tool works on various storage devices and it can be useful in future too.

Considering these three factors and the reviews I have decided to try Remo Hard Drive data recovery software. Lucky for me there was a demo version I could download, it was great way to explore the software and its recovery abilities without actually having to buy the licensed version.

How I Performed Hard Drive Recovery:

The first observation was the user interface; the main screen had three tabs Recover Files, Recover Photos, Recover Partitions. It was relieving to see “Recover Partitions” options right on the main screen. It could either choose the physical hard drive existing on the computer under Storage Devices category or select the partition under Drives/Partitions category. As couldn’t find my partition, I went ahead and selected the hard drive showing as Disk 0 and clicked on Scan.

The scan took quite a while considering had a 500 GB SSD packed with loads of data. After a brief scanning duration there was list of partitions with information like Status, Size etc. I could easily locate my partition by quickly verifying the partition size which was 225 GB for performing hard drive recovery.

Post selecting the drive I selected scan to quickly see all my precious work files, it was a great relief. But now I was curious to see if all my folders were recovered. I selected Data View tab to locate the lost folders and files as the File Type View was not for me; 180 GB of files listed was too much to handle. This could definitely be a helpful option for people looking to recover from small partitions or removable media.


Found a way to get back all my Data Using Deep Scan option:

I further used various filters available as tabs on the same screen like Images, Documents etc to locate my files; to my surprise I still couldn’t find a few crucial work folders that I needed for my next day’s presentation. This is when I clicked on Deep Scan expecting a more rigorous way to recover hard drive data. But I had my doubts if have to wait the same time until scan gets completed.

Fortunately, the Important Tip pop up that allowed me to Save Recovery session showed up. It made me curious as to how this could be helpful, and then from the Data Recovery Software website I learned that I could use this recovery session file to resume the recovery process form the recovery list screen. This feature was really impressive considering the how you can recover specific files in the time of need and later resume recovery of the other data when you have good amount of time on hand.

Voila, the deep scan really worked wonders; I could see all my old files that were deleted, even data that was once lost after I formatted the drive due to virus also came back. And there it was my lovely data sheets folder that I so badly needed in list ready to be recovered. I just had to click on save and browse the location where I had to save it.

In all my experience after trying a few recovery software’s, this is the first time I have seen hard drive data recovery software perform this level of recovery. I learnt that the Remo recovery tool had to be carefully built to help even non-techie users perform complicated tasks like partition recovery. The functional flow and the steady set of options like save recovery session were pretty well thought out.

Now coming back to my priority list these are the three reasons why I totally recommend Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • Safest tool to recover data: The tool didn’t do any harm to any of the existing data on my hard drive and more importantly safely restored data
  • Capable of working in Severe Data loss Scenarios: As I mentioned earlier my hard drive had been severely damaged and on top of it a virus corruption had made it worse. However, Remo Hard Drive Recovery kept up its promise of having a powerful scan engine that seamlessly works in severe data loss scenarios like damaged or corrupted hard drive.
  • Return of Investment: I only used the trial version of the software and was surprised to see it recover all 180 GB of data, which I saved on to another hard drive after purchasing the activation key. My return of investment is not just limited to recovered data but also the tools compatibility with wide variety of devices to recover data. Hence, I can always rely on Remo Hard Drive recovery tool to recover data in any kind of data loss scenarios in future.

To conclude, of all the data recovery tools that I came across while trying to recover data from hard drive, Remo hard drive recovery software helped me restore the data that I had lost from corrupted hard drive. My experience with this software in the process of recovering lost partition was fruitful which lead to this descriptive review of the software. I would like to recommend Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software to recover lost data due to any kind of data loss scenarios. The software promises to recover more than 300 file types like audio, video, docs, ppt etc. which happened to be real in my case.


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