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Datapod powers on with Eaton


Australian company Datapod makes modular – container sized – data centres. Eaton is partnering to power them. Why modular?

If you are wondering why a data centre needs to be modular just ask those who have built bricks and mortar centres and either run out of space or capacity – or worse still under-estimated their future needs and cannot increase or decrease density.

Data centres are now part of the computing fabric for both private and public cloud, colocation, scalable computing, and storage.

They need scalable, clean, stable, redundant power; heat extraction and cooling; networking, routers, comms; data connections to the internet and much more. Then they need to be filled with racks and ultimately IT equipment. That’s where the new partnership between Eaton and Datapod comes in.

The Datapod modular system is built on the 20-foot ISO container footprint and comprises: Starterpod; Expanderpod; Endpod; connection node; Genpod; Utility pod; and Entry pod – amongst others. These are stackable up to three high, have Faraday Cage properties, and are capable of Tier 4 ISO 26001 99.995% uptime operation although most clients are happy with Tier 1, 99.671 or 2 – a 99.741 % availability.

“They can be built to go anywhere – hot, cold, wet, dry, humid, corrosive, harsh, or city/suburbs,” said Scott Carr, Managing Director and Chief Architect of Datapod.




Eaton and Datapod faced a barrage of questions from interested analysts and media – it’s a unique Australian – Canberra based - product that is gaining an international reputation for best in class.

First to Eaton - ‘Powering Business Worldwide’. Gordon Makryllos, Managing Director for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands hosted the event. “Eaton is a big company – 100,000 employees (300 in Australia), 107 countries, and US$30 billion in sales. We work across aerospace, electrical, hydraulic, filtration, vehicle, industrial clutches and brakes, and plastic extrusion with dozens of products in each,” he said.

“Datapod is a good partner for Eaton – it uses many components ranging from power generation and distribution to racks and enclosures. We know what data centres need and Datapod can leverage our world-wide presence. Global vendors have strength, local partners have agility,” Makryllos said.

“The demand for portable, modular datacentres is growing at 37.41% per annum – Datapod is growing much faster as we become known in this space. We have standardised on a 20” container format to allow for flexibility, hot swap-ability, scalability, growth and redundancy – let’s call it the LEGO approach. There are a couple of global competitors but none that can do it all – as this partnership with Eaton has allowed,” said Carr.

Datapod has been successful with Government and government organisations at all levels, Defence, Education, Utilities – the big end of town. He has placed them in deserts, or on the roof of CBD buildings where space is at a premium. “Imaging you have run out of space in a data centre. Rather than move you can add Datapod modules,” said Carr.

Adam Smith, another Director of Datapod said, “We can de-risk the whole data centre equation. Within months of order you can have a fully functional, tested and equipped data centre delivered to site. If you were building a bricks and mortar site from scratch it could take years and it is likely that you will get something wrong – under or over cater for demand and pay the price either way.”


Datapod also offer leasing to take the purchase from a CAPEX to an OPEX model that can include design, fitout, transport, installation and maintenance – build, own, and operate. Many companies look for this method of financing as it associates the cost to the benefit. Datapod is also IT agnostic – its clients usually supply the equipment to go into the racks.

We spoke about doing Australian and international business from Canberra. “Obviously it has been good from a Federal government standpoint but we are expanding into the US – watch this space – and we probably need a demonstration facility in Sydney. But more importantly we need to show haw going modular can reduce the time and risk factors and avoid protracted procurement issues. This is literally an off the shelf, standardised, modular product and it is no longer a porr cousin to bricks and mortar,” said Carr.


A major coupe for a local business in the highly competitive data centre arena. More than that a different, safer, cost effective and more risk free slant on solving the issues.


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