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VIDEO Interview: Australian start-up Rundl hits major milestone, wins CeBIT Innovation award


Australian tech start-up Rundl has launched its digital platform solution to streamline collaboration and service delivery in new areas such as government, healthcare, project management, IT, engineering and entrepreneurship, and has won a major CeBIT Australia 2016 award.

Since Rundl’s launch in early 2015, the company proudly boasts that ‘more than 5,000 repeat users have collaborated on transactions worth a total of $5.2 billion’ through its platform, ‘which brings the sophistication of social media networks to professional services.’

Not only has the Melbourne based start-up reached a major milestone of $5.2 billion worth of transaction, but the company was recognised in the CeBIT Australia 2016 Business Awards, where it was selected as a finalist in both the innovation and service delivery categories.

Now, Rundl has proudly announced that last night, it took out the Award for Innovation at the CeBIT Business Technology Awards.

Rundl faced stiff competition up against 4 other finalists in the category, which recognises organisations that have made significant contributions to their industry through the introduction of a new idea, method, technology, process or application resulting in social, environmental and/or economic benefits.

Rundl was also a finalist in the Award for Service Distinction category.

Rundl Director and co-founder Graeme Perkins said the company’s success was driven by a digital shift in global business and customer expectations of transparent real-time communication.

“The success of team collaboration platforms like Slack are just the tip of the iceberg when you think about the possibilities of using technology to break down corporate communication silos.

“In the property industry we’ve been blown away by how quickly buyers, sellers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents and lawyers have embraced the Rundl platform to connect, collaborate and complete highly complex transactions worth a staggering $5.2 billion,” Perkins said.

“Our method of collaborative workflow was developed to enable multiple professionals across multiple industries to work together more effectively while providing an engaging customer experience. We’ve now launched a way for any individual or organisation to deliver digital services on any device at any time.”

The new self-service platform allows a Rundl host to setup and start their transaction immediately from any device. They can quickly invite their client, business partners, colleagues and service providers to converse, share updates, negotiate and approve documents in a central secure platform that keeps the customer in the loop 24/7.

“Our team are still on call to assist users’ in the setup of a new Rundl journey. Whether they’re individuals, small business or enterprise level complex transactions, we can create a tailored customer journey for any service or project,” Perkins said.

Here’s my interview with Perkins at the CeBIT stand - the article continues below, please read on! 

In February, Rundl notes that it ‘partnered with global electronic signature leader DocuSign, to enable users to complete more end-to-end transactions securely online.’

LJ Hooker Home Loans’ National Product and Marketing Manager, Jeff Chapman, said: “LJ Hooker Home Loans are always looking at ways to improve the customer experience. And we also want to give our customers choice on how they interact with us by using technology and a very hands on personal touch where needed. We see Rundl as a great tool that helps us deliver the right experience our customers are looking for.”

Founder and Managing Director of Morton real estate, Ewan Morton said: “As the director of a busy real estate agency, Rundl technology has been an invaluable tool for our agents to build stronger relationships with their clients.”

More below, please read on!

Smartline, principal mortgage adviser Sam Ghoreyshi said: “We have clients all over Australia and spread across the world throughout Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and the UK. Rundl consolidates all our information in one place, making communication much more efficient and easy.”

Property developer EkkoPoint, General Manager, Brad Beh said: “We can check that a deposit has been paid, get our pre-sales locked in and tell the given party to log in to Rundl, when a document becomes available. It means we’re not being harassed on the status of the sale and in turn we don’t have to continuously follow up with lawyers.”

At CeBIT, which is still on today (4 May 2016), Rundl is showcasing the technology flexibility with service streams including:

  • GP hosted surgery programme
  • Start-up launch journey
  • IT project delivery journey
  • Government hosted Development Application journey
  • Property conveyancing journey
  • Mortgage finance journey Real
  • Estate agent sales journey


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