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VIDEO Interview: Bruce Eidsvik SVP Genesys APAC talks customer service


Genesys does ‘omnichannel customer experience’ and contact centre solutions, so to find out what this actually means in 2015, we spoke to Bruce Eidsvik and Gordon Clubb.

We’ve all heard that the customer is supposed to be always be ‘right’, and whenever we as customers have wanted to access technical support, we’ve always wanted it ‘right now.’

The people helping companies dramatically improve their customer service and customer contact experiences are the ones behind the scenes, providing the software and solutions that are powering ever more actually useful customer service people - whether by phone, live chat or other means.

One of the big companies in this space is Genesys. Naturally, they style themselves as market leaders, and even tick the buzzword friendly boxes of having their solutions be delivered both ‘in the cloud and on-premises’.

Genesys has also broadened its market offering to not just service the large enterprise or mega brand but companies and ‘brands of all sizes’, powering, as Genesys puts it so nicely ‘optimal customer journeys consistently across all touchpoints, channels and interactions to turn customers into brand advocates.’

With over 4,500 customers in 80 countries taking ‘more than 100 million digital and voice interactions each day,’ they’re clearly doing something right.

So, with Genesys APAC’s SVP Bruce Eidsvik in town wanting to talk about ‘the move by organisations to digital and the impact of this on contact centre operations’, we decided to accept the company’s invitation to have a chat.

With digital, Genesys explains, ‘the move is towards more self-service’, which might actually may that ‘the contact centre will become less important.’

However Eisdvik explains his view that ‘human help will always be important and will become more important in supporting customers through their interaction journeys with companies.’

Eisdvik was also joined in the interview with Gordon Clubb, the MD of Genesys ANZ.

I initially welcomed both gentlemen tho the iTWire video interview and asked Eidsvik to tell us about Genesys and its solutions. I then spoke to both Eidsvik and Clubb spoke about various aspects of customer service and call centres, how they have evolved and matured and plenty more in the video interview that is embedded below.

Genesys is also running at 11am tomorrow morning (Wednesday 19 August 2015) a live website entitled ‘Moving Beyond Queue-Based Routing for Smart Customer Service.’

This webinar will feature Genesys customer experience experts Chris Horne, senior manager of product marketing, and Charles Godfrey, senior principal business consultant.

Both will ‘share best practices for delivering smart customer service using a data-driven approach that can be measured, optimised and personalised’, and we’re told that ‘this approach is the future of contact centre routing, which enables new levels of personalisation tailored to specific customer needs.’

According to Genesys’ blurb on the live webinar, which can naturally be freely registered for, ‘attendees can expect to gain valuable insights from Genesys about how market leading CX brands are using a smart customer service approach to deliver the following business outcomes:’

  • 20% increase in First Contact Resolution
  • 30% reduction in Call Transfer Rate
  • 44 seconds reduction in Average Handle Time
  • 10% increase in CSAT

The live webinar will actually be presented in North America, Europe, Latin American and Asia-Pacific at different times but which you can see here.

Genesys says that ‘registered participants will receive a recording of the web event, along with the tip sheet, 'Best Practices for Contact Centre Routing.’


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