A warning by the ABC, based on a blog post by Microsoft, that the switch in the Japanese calendar could bring about problems similar to…
Whisky and gin producer Old Kempton Distillery is applying NFC tags to bottles in order to make life difficult for counterfeiters and to improve communication…
A team from Deakin University is working with the Australian Electoral Commission to reduce waiting times for voters.
Thursday, 04 April 2019 19:33

Tibco snaps up SnappyData

Dont worry, be Snappy: Tibco has acquired SnappyData, the company behind the open source, distributed, in-memory platform for unified analytics of the same name.
Oracle Analytics Cloud has helped keep NRMA staff on the same page as far as analytics and data are concerned.
The use of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Autonomous Transaction Processing is claimed to have saved about 50% of National Pharmacies' IT budget.
A company's finance team needs to lead all things involving data, KPIs and so on, online wine retailer Vinomofo's chief financial officer and chief operating…
MariaDB Corporation, the database company born as a result of forking the well-known open-source MySQL database, has announced it will release MariaDB Enterprise Server, a…
Australia is "a very attractive place for us to invest", GoCardless director of international expansion Pranav Sood told iTWire.
Melbourne-based Soapbox.ai is applying AI to improve ITSM and other service desks.



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