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VIDEO Interview: Accenture's five emerging trends essential to business success today


Accenture's wonderfully detailed and freely downloadable 78-page PDF report on its insights and technology vision for 2018 is expertly explained by one of its top technology evangelists, Harshu Deshpande.

Earlier this year, strategically operational digital consultancy Accenture released its Tech Vision blueprint for 2018, looking at the the five emerging trends that are essential to business success in today’s digital economy.

The report can be downloaded here in full, and is an impressively detailed document that is most definitely worth your time to download, read and experience for yourself.

The five major trends are as listed below:

1. Citizen AI:

"Raising AI to benefit business and society. As artificial intelligence grows in its capabilities — and its impact on people’s lives — businesses must move to 'raise' their AIs to act as responsible, productive members of society."

2. Extended reality:

"The end of distance. Virtual and augmented reality technologies are removing the distance to people, information, and experiences, transforming the ways people live and work."

3. Data veracity:

"The importance of trust. By transforming themselves to run on data, businesses have created a new kind of vulnerability: inaccurate, manipulated, and biased data that leads to corrupted business insights, and skewed decisions with a major impact on society."

4. Frictionless enterprise:

"Built to partner at scale. Businesses depend on technology-based partnerships for growth, but their own legacy systems aren’t designed to support partnerships at scale. To fully power the increasingly embedded enterprise, companies must first re-architect themselves."

5. Internet of thinking:

"Creating intelligent distributed systems. Businesses are making big bets on intelligent environments via robotics, AI and immersive experiences. But to bring these intelligent environments to life, they must extend their infrastructures into the dynamic, real-world environments they want to reach."

Offering to talk me through the trends was Deshpande, the Custom Development and Open Source Alliances Lead for Accenture in ANZ, working within the Advanced Technology and Architecture practice.

Working across a number of industries, Deshpande is a true technology evangelist, and manages Accenture's emerging technology work across a number of key clients.

He is a passionate advocate for "pivoting to new technologies and helping large-scale enterprise organisations adapt and become more agile and nimble, using both process and technology changes, to help them behave more like start-ups and disruptors within their own industry".

Here's my video interview with Deshpande, with a summary of my questions listed below:

Deshpande started by talking a bit about this role, the work he does in app development and open source programming, and what introduced him into the field.

We then dove into the Tech Vision 2018 strategy and think piece and discussed those trends so important to business success in today's digital economy.

Next up came an analysis of Australia vs the world in our approach to these trends, and how far business in general is from achieving the implementation of these trends today.

We looked at where Accenture was on the scale of implementing the trends itself, and the undoubted fact that Accenture could obviously help any business wanting to implement these trends to do so.

We discussed what was the most game changing trend Deshpande saw, we discussed what the future would hold, great advice he had received in life and his final message to viewers, readers and Accenture's current and future customers and parters. 

So, if you'd like to accentuate your chances for future success, take a look at the video interview above and the Tech Vision 2018 document for yourself!


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