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Wholesale VoIP service provider, ISPhone Australasia, has appointed James Spenceley to the newly created position of Chief Technology Officer, charged with expanding the business from its core VoIP offering to it becoming "a fully-fledged next generation network service provider, offering a complete suite of Internet services, virtual private networks (VPN) and ADSL services for small to medium enterprises (SMEs)."

Tuesday, 05 December 2006 05:24

Broadband demystified - thanks to Ericsson

Ericsson Australia is hoping to  demystify broadband terminology and allow users to compare and contrast capabilities of the different broadband access technologies: it has published a guide: "Broadband Made Easy".

Australia's Commonwealth Scientific Industrial and Research Organization (CSIRO) researchers will this week demonstrate what is claimed to be the fastest and most efficient point to point wireless link ever achieved. The wireless link has the capability to transmit data at 6 gigabit per second over short distances.

As MacWorld 2007 approaches, it almost seems as if Apple fans are bent on willing the iPhone into existence with a slow hand clap. However, there's now another interesting Apple rumour doing the rounds in the blogosphere and it involves the Mac.

In a gloomy prognosis on Internet threats for 2007, McAfee says that malware is rapidly increasing in quantity and quality making it very difficult for general users to identify and avoid infections. And anti-spam specialist Marshal has identified a tripling in the volume of phishing emails in just a week.

ASUSTeK Computer (ASUS), the world's largest manufacturer of PC motherboards is bundling an adaptor with two of its motherboards that enables a standard analogue phone to be used as a Skype handset, via Skype software on the PC, or as PSTN phone. A more fully featured adaptor can be purchased on its own.

Sunday, 03 December 2006 14:08

Spammers now targeting cybercops

Spammers are trying destabilize global spam-reporting services by flooding them with automated false spam reports, according to an Australian data security specialist.

Symantec Corp. has announced security products for Vista including beta versions of the Norton range of Anti-Virus products for consumers and a production version for enterprise clients.

Reports that global spam levels have reached a staggering 90% of all emails appear to have been vindicated by a new study.

It's always intriguing to hear the latest iPhone rumour. This time it revolves around an Associated Press report about a patent filing that was made last August but was made public last week. What's intriguing, however, is not the patent filing itself but the comparisons being made with smartphones.

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