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Nearly 6000 to get NBN speed compensation from Vocus Group

Vocus Group subsidiaries Dodo, iPrimus and Commander have agreed to compensate a total of nearly 6000 customers who could not achieve Internet speeds advertised on the NBN plans which they took from these three providers.

UK yet to obtain warrant to raid Cambridge Analytica

Britain's information commissioner will have to wait until Friday UK time for a warrant" to look at the databases and servers used by data analytics company Cambridge Analytica, the firm that is alleged to have used data of more than 50 million Facebook subscribers for targeting voters in the US presidential election.

Healthcare industry faces increased email threats: Mimecast

Global email and data security company Mimecast has drawn attention, through a survey, to the extent to which the health and human services industry is being attacked through email threats.

IoT security spending heading to US$1.5 billion this year

Worldwide spending on Internet of Things (IOT) security is growing, with forecasts of reaching US$1.5 billion by the end of 2018, a 28% increase from spending of US$1.2 billion in 2017.

Atlanta firm selling device to unlock latest iPhones

A company known as Grayshift based in Atlanta, Georgia, is selling a device called GrayKey which can be used to unlock iPhones — even the latest 8 series and the X model — a security company claims.

Zuckerberg addresses 'data breach' but offers no apology

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has issued a long statement in response to the recent claims about data exfiltration from the platform to research firm Cambridge Analytica, promising to "work through this and build a better service over the long term".

Former Facebook exec says data harvesting a regular occurrence

A former senior manager at Facebook says hundred of millions of users of the social media site could have had their personal data harvested by companies that used methods similar to those utilised by the person who passed on data to research firm Cambridge Analytica.

Kaspersky to open Swiss lab to avoid spying allegations

Security firm Kaspersky Lab plans to set up a data centre in Switzerland, called the Swiss Transparency Centre, which will be opened by early 2020, in order to avoid the constant allegations of spying from Western nations.

Seagate unveils 14TB helium-based Exos X14 enterprise 3.5-inch HDD

Demonstrating its advanced technologies at the OCP Summit 2018 to support "accelerated hyperscale demand and data growth", Seagate's 14TB drive is its biggest yet.

Email fraud continues to be Achilles' heel for business

A survey of 2250 businesses in five countries, including Australia, claims to have found pervasive evidence of email fraud — defined as business email compromise — that is disruptive and catching businesses off-guard.

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