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Court lifts curfew, GPS monitoring for Marcus Hutchins

A US court has lifted the curfew imposed on British security researcher Marcus Hutchins and also not require him to be monitored through wearing a GPS bracelet, according to a court document dated 19 October.

CSIRO helps keep apples from browning even when cut

A gene developed by scientists at the CSIRO has helped Canadian biotech company Okanagan Specialty Fruits to keep one of its apples from turning brown when they cut, bitten or bruised.

Lenovo flaws affect all Android tablets, some phones

Serious flaws in all Lenovo's Android tablets and a number of mobile phones made by the company have been patched after an independent researcher notified the company about the vulnerabilities.

Malaysia forces takedown of data breach report

A report that the personal data of millions of Malaysians was up for sale for an unspecified amount in bitcoin appears to have been taken down on the instructions of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, the country's regulator for the converging communications and multimedia industry.

Interview: Intuit's Alex Barnett talks AI, machine learning and more in Intuit's apps

The director of Product Management at Intuit, Alex Barnett, attended the ATSA 2017 conference this week to talk machine learning, AI, apps, acconting and plenty more.

Mind your own business: employees rarely do, says survey

A survey of IT professionals in seven countries plus Hong Kong has found that many employees in their companies are looking to find out corporate information that is not needed by them to do their jobs.

In bug tit-for-tat, it's Microsoft's turn to expose Google

Microsoft has released details of a method whereby remote code can be executed within Google's Chrome browser. This appears to be a reaction to Google's disclosure of bugs in Windows earlier this year.

WPA2 flaw's worst impact on Android, Linux devices

The flaw in the WPA2 wireless protocol revealed recently has a critical impact on Android phones running version 6.0 of the mobile operating system and Linux devices, a security researcher says.

New Android malware adds victims' devices to botnet

New Android malware that poses as an app on the Google Play store and adds compromise devices to a botnet has been discovered by security firm Symantec.

YouTube removes video of WPA2 vulnerability

YouTube has taken down a video demonstrating a vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol that was announced on Monday night by Belgian researcher Mathy Vanhoef.

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