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Thursday, 09 December 2010 15:37

Wikileaks' Assange charged with'¦.having consensual sex!


The Keystone Cops nature of what increasingly looks like an international smear campaign against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is nothing short of amazing. After weeks of media reports claiming that Mr Assange is wanted in Sweden for alleged rape, in fact no such thing is true - he's wanted for allegedly having consensual sex with two women but without a condom.

If the implications of the disgraceful treatment meted out to Mr Assange by both the UK and Sweden, not to mention the US, were not so serious to all citizens of the so-called free world, then this whole episode would be dismissed as a farcical soap opera. Unfortunately, no one should be laughing as Mr Assange sits incarcerated awaiting another hearing.

Details of the charges against Mr Assange have been painfully slow to emerge in the mainstream press but thanks to a number of publications, including The Guardian, we now finally know the truth. Mr Assange stayed overnight with a Swedish woman, at her invitation, and had consensual sex with her. Apparently his condom split but they went ahead anyway.

The next day the woman, who was an organiser of a left wing event where Mr Assange was invited to speak (that's why he was in Sweden), accompanied Mr Assange to the event - yes they were still together!

At the event, Mr Assange met another woman who he took a fancy to. Apparently she was in awe of him and his cause. They went to the movies after the event and ended up having consensual sex without a condom.

Later, the two women met and discovered they had something in common - Mr Assange. This discovery obviously upset them because they confronted him and demanded that he submit to an STD test - but he refused. They then took their complaints to police.

The subsequent charges facing Mr Assange, such as "sex by surprise", are not even close to rape and, if Mr Assange's lawyer is correct, if proven under Swedish law could result at most in a fine of about $700. Yet Mr Assange, who has been found guilty of nothing and who voluntarily surrendered to UK authorities when an arrest warrant was issued, has been incarcerated in prison without bail for at least a week.

For behaving like most ordinary 39 year old heterosexual single men who have the usual amount of testosterone and who find willing consensual partners, Mr Assange has been placed on Interpol's most wanted list and without a trial thrown behind bars and bail refused. Mr Assange is not an accused murderer, rapist, thief or violent thug. At most, he's a sexual libertine who took advantage of a trip to Sweden, the land of sexual libertines.

Presented with these facts, it is hard to come to any conclusion other than Mr Assange's arrest and incarceration is simply political persecution. It is obvious that neither Mr Assange nor Wikileaks has committed any real crime because despite the bleating of US politicians baying for his blood, they haven't found any law that has been broken. In fact, they've got him on ice behind bars while they're scrambling to create one!

Australia's own Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has been forced to hastily back away from accusations that Wikileaks has broken any laws. It has been vetting and selectively publishing the leaked material it has received, and it has cooperated with mainstream media outlets which have also selectively published much of the same material.

Mr Assange is not a terrorist. He is not a spy. And he is almost certainly not a rapist. He is a political publisher and journalist and here in the free world we don't put political publishers or journalists in jail. Or are we not so free anymore?



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