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Monday, 03 November 2014 00:31

The term “War Hero” is an oxymoron


Anyone who engages in war is no hero. Don’t take my word for it. Just ask any one of the thousand upon thousands of vets who have returned from places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam.

These poor physically and emotionally traumatised souls, many of whom end up on the streets homeless and distraught, will never recover from the experiences they have endured, the suffering they have been made to inflict on others and the lives they have shattered, including their own.

And yet, our so-called leaders in the hallowed halls of power, who have commanded their brainwashed automatons of doom to inflict damage on their perceived foes, dare to portray the most callously successful of their prize cock fighters as heroes.

These so-called heroes of course never end up on the streets. They end up as political poster boys who gain seats alongside their benefactors in the hallowed halls of power.

Meanwhile their political opponents, who dared to oppose the call to arms against an unseen and unknowable enemy are portrayed by the zealots of war as cowards. Their courage in opposing the orthodoxy of conquest by might goes unacknowledged and is presented as a mark of weakness.

Yet, as anyone with a modicum of common sense can see, it is those who stand up against the injustices of unfettered brute force who are the true heroes.

That said, do not be lulled into thinking that all draft dodgers are heroes. There are many who had and have no thought for anything or anyone but themselves.  Many of these are today’s political animals that would presume to present themselves as anti-war heroes. Yet they are not heroes – just self-serving cowards like their political opponents. They are one and the same.

Wars in the defence of life and liberty, as horrific as they are, can sometimes be justified as the lesser of two evils. However, when it comes to a call to arms in unjust wars of expansion of empire – USA take heed, the only true heroes are those who dig their heels in the ground and shout “No! Not in my in my name!”

For war is itself an abomination and should be condemned by all as an inhuman and wasteful enterprise that serves only to enrich the relatively few evil souls on our planet that profit from the misery of others. It is not heroic nor does it produce any heroes.

We may mourn our prematurely departed on remembrance days. However, lest we forget the primary reason for their departure from this earth, they died not for our freedom as we are led to believe, but to satisfy the bloodlust and greed of our masters, for whom the masses of humankind are nothing but cannon fodder for their amusement.

For these inhuman beasts of prey, wars are a business – a means to an end. The end goal of wars for these amalgamations of corporate and government enterprises is profit and power. The casualty is humanity.

No, there are no war heroes. The concept is a myth devised by those who profit from such myths. Mahatma Gandhi was a hero, Martin Luther King was a hero, Douglas MacArthur and “storming” Norman Schwarzkopf were not heroes. The true heroes are not the wagers of war but the prophets of peace and the oneness of humanity.


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