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MacBook now on the way out at Apple?

It is a bold prediction to make but the humble MacBook may be on its way to being consigned to the dustbin of history at Cupertino thanks to the glimpses of the current management’s vision of the future we were treated to this morning.

Steve Jobs started it all with the iPhone launch in 2007, when at the same event he announced that the company would remove the word Computer from its name.

That initial move saw a train of events take place which culminated in the presentation today in which the audience was treated to a plethora of consumer devices that bore no resemblance to what we have come to know as personal computers, whether they be clamshells or desktops.

Putting the iPhone 6S and Apple TV aside, Tim Cook, Phil Schiller and co waxed lyrical about the future of personal computing with the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

Although he didn’t say it outright, Tim Cook in particular made no bones about the iPad Pro being a MacBook replacement.

“iPad is the clearest expression of our vision of the future of personal computing,” he said.

Phil Schiller, while treating us to the details, added weight to the argument when he said the iPad Pro is “faster than 80% of portable PCs” - and presumably he included MacBooks in that group.

Then for the coup de grace users can get the optional keyboard which connects to the iPad Pro magnetically and the Apple Pencil which enables the user to actually draw and write on the ultra hi-res screen with similar accuracy that they would get using a real pencil and paper.

The only bugbear appears to be storage. The top end model only has 128GB. Perhaps, however, Cook and co believe that the future of storage is in the cloud because they also announced a price drop in iCloud.

MacBooks still sell well but on watching that presentation one cannot help but get the impression that at Apple the curtains are gradually closing on the days of the clamshell computer.


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