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Apple wants the right to restrict the music it sells through its online store iTunes to its music players the iPods. Norway, Sweden and Denmark…
A reader pointed me to a blog on a competitor's site which discussed the restrictions imposed by Verizon Wireless' use of Microsoft's Windows Media digital…
Sunday, 30 July 2006 16:32

Microsoft growth difficult to see

You know you really have to start worrying about the well-being of a company when it openly holds up competitors as pinnacles of excellence.
Tuesday, 25 July 2006 21:16

Is Alexandria the Zune music store?

In its best marketing style, Microsoft has kept people guessing about its so-called "iPod killer" Zune, leaking bits of information at a time. One thing…
Tuesday, 25 July 2006 06:15

ATI acquisition is AMD insurance

There has been a lot written about the consequences and significance of AMD’s US$5.4 billion acquisition of specialist chip and chipset manufacturer ATI. Speculation that…
Monday, 24 July 2006 22:05

Microsoft Zune rack and ruin

Dont miss: Microsoft won't see Zune zoom up the charts You have to hand it to Microsoft. The company knows how to create a buzz…
Coming from a base of zero against a 80% market share holder such as iPod was always going to be a monumental task. Microsoft's strategy…
I used to think that there was no one more passionate about their high-tech toys than Apple Mac users or Linux geeks. I may be…
Editor's Note: (The following article contains errors for which we apologize to reviewer Joshua Zyber. We mistakenly attributed two quotes from a review at…
As much we would like to deny it, there is a certain amount of antipathy in some areas between the US and the EU these…




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