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ServiceNow opens enterprise app store


Service management vendor ServiceNow has introduced the ServiceNow Store as a way of distributing paid and free applications and integrations for the ServiceNow platform, and inaugurated a new program to foster the company's development community.

The idea behind the ServiceNow Store is to make certified applications and integrations for ServiceNow more visible to users.

"Our customers know they can always do more with ServiceNow but don't always have the time or skills to create their own apps," said ServiceNow platform business unit vice president and general manager Pat Casey.

"The store will inspire customers by providing ready-to-run apps for services they might have never imagined they could automate. We hope our customers will feel like 'kids in a candy store'."

Among the first offerings in the store are Cloud Sherpas' Legal Services and Security Incident Response apps, Fruition Partners LIFT Intake (unified message triage) and Telebridge IT Alert Management (integrates Telebridge speech-to-ticket software with ServiceNow and generates voice call alerts to the service team via Twilio), and MobiChord Mobility Management Solution (automated mobile device and wireless expense management integration with ServiceNow).

“For years, our ServiceNow applications have helped service management professionals across the enterprise to maximise the business value of this platform, including key features like workflow automation, security, and integration." said Fruition Partners co-founder and chief growth officer Patrick Stonelake.

"We’re excited about the Store because it makes it easier for customers to access that business value immediately by installing apps like our new LIFT Intake.”

Items in the ServiceNow store can be charged to credit cards, but billing is in US dollars.

In related news, ServiceNow has launched the CreateNow Developer Community, which is "devoted to the recruitment, education and growth of customer and partner developers who are creating their own enterprise applications and integrations on ServiceNow."

It is designed to appeal to professional developers, “low-code” developers and enterprise application architects.

“We’re empowering creators to unleash the speed and agility of the ServiceNow platform to deliver creative and powerful applications, integrations, configurations and customisations more rapidly," said Casey.

"By creating a centralised location and collaborative environment, ServiceNow is delivering the tools and resources our growing ecosystem needs to be productive.”

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