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An Australian-designed iOS and Android app helps sports teams deliver information to players and spectators without the burden of developing a custom app.

Twenty-odd years ago, organisations large and small were scrambling to develop web sites. For small and non-technical outfits, template-based site builders (now largely replaced by CMSes and blogging platforms) were a way of getting a decent looking site without having to deal with seemingly arcane matters such as HTML.

Now that apps are the fashion du jour, there's a latent demand for an equivalent - a system that can generate a custom app without requiring the user to know anything about coding or the other skills that go into app design and creation, even if the results have a somewhat cookie-cutter look.

And that's precisely what the aptly named (groan!) Team App is doing, albeit for the specialised market of sports teams.

Melbourne-based Team App was founded by entrepreneur Phil Warren with former cricketer and VFL footballer Simon O'Donnell as an investor.

The company has developed a generic app (available from Apple's App Store and soon Google Play) which is skinned and populated for an individual team according to data entered through the Team App web site. The customisation process is said to take less than ten minutes.

Even small clubs can use the app to show ladders and fixtures, monitor player availability, send reminders, share photos, and more.

The business model appears to rely on the delivery of advertising within the app, as there is no charge to the club or individual users. There's also provision for teams to display paid advertising and to push notifications of sponsor offers to team members.

"In the past, clubs have had to rely on sausage sizzles and other forms of basic fund-raising just to survive, but with Team App they can now raise money digitally by sending push notifications of exclusive sponsor offers or one-off deals directly to team members and fans," said Mr Warren.

"Team App makes it really easy for sporting clubs to raise the money they desperately need to stay alive and, if they're smart about it, they'll not only survive, they'll thrive."

A variety of Australian and overseas sporting clubs are already using Team App. Some examples can be seen here.


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Stephen Withers

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