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Apple can’t say that Jailbreaking is illegal, it is just a violation of the iOS end user licence but a revised support article issued 3 February makes it pretty clear that it is concerned. Jailbreak advocates would however disagree…

The article says unauthorized jailbreaking leads to:

• Failing eyesight, loss of hair, incontinence, sexual disfunction and bad breath

• Instability, frequent and unexpected device crashes and freezes and potentially loss of data. Advocates say this is not the case but say that non-approved Apps can cause this.

• Security vulnerabilities can lead to theft of personal information and introduce malware and viruses. Advocates say that this is a slim possibility.

• Shortened battery life. Advocates say this happened on some past releases – not now

• Unreliable voice and data, dropped calls or inaccurate location data. Advocates say that it does not fundamentally change iOS in those areas so they can’t see why.

• Disruption of services such as Visual Voicemail, Weather and stocks including some push based notification services. Advocates say they can’t see why especially as it does not impact on iTunes access.

• Inability to apply future software updates. Advocates say that all you need to do is to reapply the standard iOS version before installing the newer one and then run jailbreak for the newer version when it becomes available – usually a few days after an iOS update.

Advocates make the point that jailbreakers do so to run Apps and access features that iOS does not have – and they feel Apple is arbitrarily controlling their use of the device. If you want to know a little more about Jailbreak read this iTWire article


A few of the more popular apps illustrate why jailbreakers feel justified:

• Auxo shows live previews of open Apps – multitasking simplified.

• Zephyr replaces the double push of the home buitton with some intuitive gestures.

• Quasar runs Apps in resizable, rotatable and overlapable windows aka Mac.

• Tetherme overrides any Telco carriers policy and turns the iPhone onto a personal Wi-Fi hotspot

• SBSettings gives a quick drop down menu for system toggles – a good dashboard.

• SMS Quick Reply allows you to send an SMS without closing your existing App.

• iFile is a root level control that allows you to copy, paste, rename and change permissions of files and more – it Is also a file manager. Perhaps a little powerful for amateur use.

• MapsOpener allows Google Maps to be opened by default instead fo Appel Maps. • iBLacklist allows you to automatically blacklist flagged incoming phone numbers and more.

• CameraTweak adds additional camera functionality like timer countdown and separate focus and exposure controls. • Octopus Keyboard is a copy of Balckberry’s 10 QWERTY keyboard – better than the iOS standard.

• Activator – allow you to program “macros” to perform actions on the iOS device.

These and many more free and paid Apps are available via Cydia the Apps store for Jailbreakers and installs with the jailbreak process.


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Ray Shaw ray@im.com.au  has a passion for IT ever since building his first computer in 1980. He is a qualified journalist, hosted a consumer IT based radio program on ABC radio for 10 years, has developed world leading software for the events industry and is smart enough to no longer own a retail computer store!






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