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TransACT offers Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablets on 3G plans TransACT offers Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablets on 3G plans Image Credit - Transact.com.au

TransACT, the company that cabled up much of Canberra with fibre and is now part of the iiNet Group, is adding 7-inch and 10.1 Samsung tablets to its range of customer offerings with 3G “mix and match” mobile broadband plans.

If you’re wanting a tablet computer, but don’t want to buy one outright, various telecommunications companies have now been offering tablets alongside smartphones on a range of plans over a 24 month contract.

At one stage, netbooks were being sold on the same kind of plans, too, and when more Windows 8 and RT tablets come equipped with 4G LTE/3G/GSM/World modem chipsets, we’ll likely see those more fully featured computers available on plans too.

Already Vodafone has promised to offer the 4G/3G+/GPS equipped iPad mini on plans when the cellular equipped iPad mini launches in Australia as it has now done in the US, and the iPad itself has been available, alongside Samsung Galaxy tablets and even Telstra with its own 4G-capable Android 4.0-running tablet.

Now it’s iiNet’s turn to let its TransACT division offer its presumably largely Canberra-based customers Samsung tablets with 3G data, just in time for the Christmas, end-of-year, click frenz-esque shopping sales season that is the next 30+ days

Ivan Slavich, who hasn’t yet changed his name to iVan or iiVan, is TransACT’s CEO, and he said that: “These attractively-priced devices from Samsung, the number one manufacturer of Android tablets, can be matched with the TransACT mobile broadband plan that suits your needs. We reckon this offers awesome value.

TransAct is offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in both 7-inch and 10.1-inch configurations, running Android OS 4.0 and sporting 1GHz dual-core processors.

They're obviously not going to be as fast as the latest and much more expensive quad-core screamers, but as ever more useful general purpose Samsung Android 4.0 tablets, they'll obviously do the job and serve as obvious low-cost alternatives to the iPad 2 and the iPad mini.

Naturally, they also compete against low-cost devices such as Google's Nexus 7 along with tablet plans from other telcos, plans you should compare against as simple research should you wish to buy a tablet over a contract (be it one or two years depending on what is on offer by whichever telco it is you're investigating.

Full plan, pricing and total minimum cost details for the 2GB, 5GB, 9GB and 12GB plans for both models is available here at the tablet section of TransACT’s site, with prices for the 2GB plan starting from $13 per month for the 7-inch model and $22 per month for Samsung's 10-1-incher.

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