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Will wonders never cease - Telstra is actually doing something about its rather woeful included iPhone 4 data on its plans and, until November 1 this year (if not longer) is actually increasing them! Are you ok, David Thodey?

Quick! Someone call the doctor. No, not that one, he's busy saving the universe or Planet Earth in the year 5934 or something. And heck, this mystery is probably even too much for Dr Who anyway.

No, we need a medical doctor to check on the people at Telstra, because something very weird is happening - Telstra is actually listening to its customers and to journalists who have been a bit miffed over Telstra's lousy data inclusions on its iPhone 4 plans.

We're not sure whether Telstra's feeling right, or not, but hey, who cares! If you're a Telstra customer, or a customer-to-be for the iPhone 4, you just got some good news: more iPhone 4 data included as standard, available until November 1, and for the 24 month length of your contract.

Maybe the MasterChef stars who will be at Telstra's flagship T-Life Store on George St opposite the Apple Store tonight have put something into Telstra's food over the past 24 hours.

If so, perhaps we should urge Telstra to hire the MasterChefs permanently, for who knows? We might hear of cheaper Next G pricing for BigPond wireless users next, although not yet'¦

Anyway, here's what Telstra has to say at the Telstra Exchange blog this morning, after the first paragraph talks about MasterChef plating up some special data deals:

'We know our customers love accessing the mobile internet on the Next G network as much as they love a MasterChef cook-off. And, over the past couple of days you've told us that you'd like more data included to use with some of our hottest smartphones - including the iPhone 4.

'So, from midnight tonight until November 1 we're increasing data allowances on our most popular plans for some of our most popular smartphones.'

The better consumer plans (with the offer apparently not available for the business plans) get a welcome data boost, with the top-end plan now coming with a whopping 6GB of data, and it's not just the iPhone 4 that benefits, but the HTC Desire and Nokia N97, too.

More details listed on page two, please read on!


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