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Of course, the proof of any backup is in the restoring. We restored deleted and altered files without any problems. It just worked.

One of the other applications of the Lexar Echo ZE is for transferring files from one system to another. The Backup Manager application can be used to back files up on one system and then restore them to another. This also works if you're moving files between a PC and a Mac.

Lexar's Echo ZE and Backup Manager software makes the task of backing up critical files dead easy. The memory stick weighs next to nothing and is hardly noticeable when plugged in. The 16GB unit will retail for about $45. 32GB will cost about $80 and the 64GB unit will set you back around $148.


VMware changed the rules about the server resources required to keep a database responding

It's now more difficult for DBAs to see interaction between the database and server resources

This whitepaper highlights the key differences between performance management between physical and virtual servers, and maps out the five most common trouble spots when moving production databases to VMware

1. Innacurate metrics
2. Dynamic resource allocation
3. No control over Host Resources
4. Limited DBA visibility
5. Mutual ignorance

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