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Amaysim’s 5GB data deal in special Xmas offer Featured

No doubt cognisant of the various double data deals being offered by various Aussie telcos whose names start with a V, Amaysim has doubled down by upping the ante with a special offer for its own ‘Unlimited’ customers.

As Vodafone and Virgin Mobile tempt Aussies with various forms of data doubling deals, cut-price yet high-quality pre-paid Aussie "mobile virtual network operator" Amaysim has come out with a data boosting special deal of its own.

The deal is aimed at current and forthcoming customers of its “Unlimited” plan, which remains to this day a pretty damn amazing Amaysim deal.

That deal, at $39.90 per month, set off a wave of imitators, some of whom such as Kogan Mobile and the Ayrton Senna-like Red Bull Mobile, ended up sadly crashing into a wall in a way that was too fast, and too furious. They weren't quite gone in 60 seconds but they sadly didn't seem to last much longer.

While various other imitators still remain, Amaysim is arguably Australia’s most well-known pre-paid telco, (or “low-cost mobile service provider” in Amaysim-speak) and clearly, over the crucial Christmas sales frenzy timeframe, wants to remain so.

So, while competitors dabble with their data deals, Amaysim’s ante-upping sees it dabbling in some data dealing, too.

In short, any current or brand new Amaysim customers who renew their AUD $39.90 “Unlimited" plan during the month of December will get a boost in their 30 day data allocation to 5GB, up from the previous 4GB.

To sweeten the deal, current and new Amaysim Unlimited customers who renew or sign up during December will, sayeth Amaysim, “receive a bonus gigabyte of data each month for three months”, which the telco says is to “get Aussies through a summer of smartphone surfing.

That means Unlimited customers who stay signed up to “Unlimited” during December, January and February will get 5GB of data rather than 4GB during those three months.

Ged Mansour, Amaysim’s PR and social media maven said: “With this offer, what you see is what you get: a bonus gigabyte of data along with one of the only remaining truly solid-value unlimited talk and text BYO handset plans on the market.

“With smartphones and tablets sure to be stacked high under Christmas trees this year, amaysim UNLIMITED is a sure-fire way to ensure that your mobile gift doesn’t come with a bitter aftertaste of bill shock that lasts well into the new year.”

So, if you’re an Amaysim “Unlimited” customer, or want to be, and you want this special 5GB deal, then you’ve got until the 31st of December to sign up, with the deal being one free "Summer Gig" that Amaysim Unlimited customers won’t want to miss - and like other summer musical gigs out there, surely won't get cancelled!


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