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Ok, so we all know that Steve Jobs is on another planet half the time, with recent departures sneakily disguised as 'medical leave', from where he gets his world-beating iDeas, and now he's not-so-secretly building a new campus in a UFO-esque donut shape - but we all really know it's a life-size vessel to introduce us all to Jobs' iPlanet!!

Mulder knew it years ago: the truth it out there.

Now, with Steve Jobs building a secret spaceship in the form of Apple's new campus, the truth must really be out there - out there somewhere in outer space, and not the cyberspace that we always assumed.

Cleverly designed to look merely like a UFO-esque donut shaped building, with special curved glass that presumably is fully ready for the vacuum of space, Steve Jobs even had to get special permission from the Cuperitno City Council, as you can see in this YouTube video.

Indeed, here's the artist's impression of the building that has been released by Apple and be seen all over the Internet, with the news coming from TUAW and with some extra detail from Slashgear.



Apple currently has 2800 employees, and as Steve Jobs explains in the video, Apple has had to rent more and more buildings in a greater and greater radius around Apple's current Cupertino campus.

But in what sounds like special preparation for an iNtergalactic journey, Jobs is clearly making sure his new ship will be well stocked with a large iCrew of people, with the new campus set to accommodate 12,000 iEmployees on four storeys.

Yes, we're all meant to think that this is just a pentagon style building without the pents or the gons, and instead fully circular, but Steve Jobs can't fool us!

Slashgear's transcript of part of Jobs' talk to the council is one you need to read between the lines, where he specifically mentions spaceships - don't be fooled into thinking this is only an iBuilding, when it's clearly an iSpaceship, something America sorely needs now that the Space Shuttles are so close to their final flight ever.

What did Mr Jobs say? Please read on to page two'¦



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