NBNSP has released new PAYG NBN plans starting at $25, now the cheapest NBN plans in Australia.

You can also add an NBN Phone through the UNI-V port for $5 with local calls costing only 2 cents per minute with very competitive  international voip rates.

Alex Moorhouse, the director of NBNSP, believes these new plans are great for grandparents, parents or anyone that doesn't use the internet much but want cheap calls and need to switchover to the NBN network before NBNco switches off the copper network.

He also states he is making the company as transparent as possible, displaying all its user data usage on its transparency page.

At the moment users can view their usage and compare it with others, they may also see the percentage of their usage for the entire aggregate.

The page also has a map which shows the vicinity of each user.


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