Home Sponsored Announcements EveryCook, the intelligent and connected cooking device, has just launched

EveryCook can cut, stir, weigh, cook, pressure cook and fry. Recipes are simply downloaded from the cloud, and the device tells the user what he or she has to add before the autopilot takes over and cooks the meal. EveryCook has been designed for people wanting to eat meals made from fresh ingredients, but who lack the time to cook themselves, or are missing the necessary cooking skills.

For those wanting to cook a more elaborate meal, EveryCook takes care of the most difficult course, like the risotto, and tells you exactly when to place the steak into the searing pan. With the timing just right, a perfect menu can be served.

Thanks to the stored the nutrient values of all ingredients in EveryCook’s recipe database, calories and healthy serving portions are easily calculated.

EveryCook plans on integrating online and offline shops and product sales into the recipe database, which will make buying the right ingredients easy and time efficient for users.

Further developments will see the connection of even more kitchen devices such as fridges, stoves and ovens with each other and to the cloud.


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