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BizData, a premier  Microsoft Gold Partner specialising in Business Intelligence and Data Platform in Australia, and Kepion, a leading provider of Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting software, today announced that Reece has selected Kepion Planning as strategic partners to deliver an Enterprise-wide business planning solution.

Reece is Australia's leading supplier of bathroom and plumbing productes in Australia with over 450 branches across the country.  The solution will enable over 550 staff to actively contribute to budgets and forecasts, providing real-time consolidation across the business.

"We have been looking for a cost-effective platform to evolve our budgting and planning processes as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.  We evaluated several platforms, and found that Kepion was the best value for money and leveraged our existing Microsoft Business Intelligence investements.  BizData was a natural choice as an implementation partner based on their depth of experience with implementing these systems for Finance, Sales and Operations." said Sasha Nikolic, Operations Support Leader at Reece.

"BizData is a highly-skilled and experienced provider of planning, budgeting and forecasting systems and have a great depth of expertise on the Microsoft platform.  We are pleased with the extraordinary momentum that has been building for Kepion planning to enterprise and mid-market companies in Australia. " said Kevin  Tsu, VP of Business Development, Kepion Solutions.  "BizData's reputation aligns with Kepion's own commitment to product and service excellence."

Kepion delivers enterprise-wide solutions based on Microsoft's technology across the Americas, Australia, Europe and Asia.  Companies that have adopted Kepion for their global planning, budgeting and forecasting process include some of Microsoft's top enterprise customers.  Kepion allows business uers to easily enter their targets for company-wide strategic plans, top-down and bottom-up budgeting and continuous fiscal and rolling forecasting, all within a single, easy to navigate web interface environment.

About Kepion

Kepion delivers planning, budgeting and forecasting software for office of finance.  Kepion is built on the Microsoft BI Platform power by SQL Server.  Kepion provides an entirely web-based planning solution founded on the principle "Simply Flexible: Providing simple access and navigation to your needed information, combined with a fully flexible platofrm to build solutions that fit around your key business functions."

For more information visit www.kepion.com

About BizData

BizData is an expert Business Intelligence services provider with a focus on enabling clients to leverage their data for better business decision making.  BizData prides itelsef on delivering robust Business Intelligence solutions, having delivered over 200 projects to clients in the Financial Services, Manufacturing, Utilities, Health and Services industries, and provided solutions for Finance, HR, Operations, Sales, Marketing and IT departments.  BizData is a leading Microsoft Implementation Partner and has been one of only a few companies in Australia to attain Gold level specialisations in Business Intelligence, Collaboration & Content and Data Platform. 

For more information, plese visit www.bizdata.com.au

Please refer all enquiries regarding this press release to:

Nadav Rayman, +61 419 568 226, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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