Home Sponsored Announcements Next Telecom launches unified communications suite.

Next Telecom is pleased to announce a new wholesale partnership allowing Next Telecom to launch a full suite of unified products.

Exec Director and head of sales Gavin Roache says that the new Intercall Asiapac agreement will allow Next Telecom current and future customers access to WebEx, video conferencing and conferencing services.

"The Next Telecom Unified meeting service will let people see what you are talking about and allow them to collaborate during your online meetings, with a single system that brings
together audio, web and video conferencing tools," said Mr Roache.

"Next Telecom will target the SME/corporate markets combined with a conferencing app for smart phones allowing customers to communicate at any place and anytime," he added.

For further information please contact Next Telecom on 1300 006398


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