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Canberra, ACT (May 3, 2013) — Enstratius today announced support for CloudCentral’s Cloud Platform. CloudCentral’s Australian-based Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) cloud offers highly available, reliable computing solutions at a low monthly cost. The new CloudCentral Cloud is 100% hosted in Tier III Australian data centers, providing low-latency access to customers based within the region.

CloudCentral offers cloud services tailored to software developers, service providers, telecommunications companies, and government organizations. The platform is based on Citrix CloudPlatform, and has been selected to host Australian government services under the terms of the Australian Government Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) Multi Use List (MUL) for cloud and cloud-like services.

“We are excited to expand our cloud options to customers across Australia through the addition of support for CloudCentral,” said James Urquhart, Enstratius Vice President of Product Strategy.

“CloudCentral offers a local solution that will enable customers to improve performance and response time, and also provides an appealing option to enterprises looking to expand into Australia.”

The Enstratius cloud management platform helps organizations manage their cloud infrastructure. Enstratius supports the provisioning, management and automation of applications in all leading public and private clouds, without removing the ability for developers and application operators to choose the configuration management, monitoring and other operation tools that make the most sense for each application.

“We believe in openness and freedom for our users, which is why our system is based on the Open Source Apache CloudStack platform and why we are happy to announce the full integration with the Entratius cloud management platform,” said Kristoffer Sheather, CEO of CloudCentral. “Our partnership with Enstratius means more flexibility for organizations which are worried about data sovereignty and performance, as we guarantee to keep all data close to the users in Australia.”

For more information, call CloudCentral (1300 144 007) or contact Enstratius.

About CloudCentral

CloudCentral is a 100 percent Australian owned and operated provider of highly scalable, secure, dynamic cloud infrastructure services. We focus on providing superior services to Australian ICT Solution Providers including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) developers, Managed Service Providers, Application Service Providers, and IT Systems Integrators and Telcos.

CloudCentral’s cloud platform services are provided on-demand, with a true pay-as-you-grow model with no upfront costs. CloudCentral is a member of the Australian Government Information management Office (AGIMO) Data Centre-as-a-Service (DCaaS) Multi-Use-List (MUL) for cloud services.

CloudCentral’s Australian data center locations include TransACT (Canberra) and NEXTDC (Canberra). TransACT and Equinix data centers are members of the Australian Government Whole-of-Government (WHoG) approved panel.

CloudCentral services include a strong Service Level Agreement (SLA) and strong guarantees around data sovereignty and security. For more information, go to www.cloudcentral.com.au.
About Enstratius
Enstratius™ is a cloud infrastructure management solution for deploying and managing enterprise-class applications in public, private and hybrid clouds. Enstratius has a multi-cloud architecture that provides governance, automation and cloud independence.
We deliver governance for the cloud through a patent-pending security architecture and a powerful management console across all leading public and private clouds including Amazon Web Services, Apache CloudStack, AT&T Synaptic Storage, Bluelock, CloudCentral, Citrix CloudPlatform, CloudSigma, EMC Atmos, Eucalyptus, GoGrid, Google Storage, HP Cloud, IBM SmartCloud, Joyent Cloud, OpenStack, OpSource, Rackspace, ServerExpress, Tata InstaCompute, Terremark, VMware and Windows Azure. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Enstratius serves hundreds of organizations worldwide.To learn more, visit

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