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SocialMotus, a new social management dashboard released last month, announces the first optimal timing scheduler allowing users to select the best day of the week their queued messages are delivered, substantially boosting reach and impact. These tools add to the already comprehensive list of features including multi-user support, conversion tracking, and integration with Google Analytics to help businesses create real value from social media without the high price tag.

Optimal Scheduler automatically queues and delivers content from its users at optimal times throughout the day the user specifies. Its intelligent algorithm gathers a range of engagement and behavioral insights from users and their social communities to determine optimal exposure and engagement times.

Understanding the need for a more flexible autoschedule tool, Optimal Scheduler is the first of its kind to allow users to specify the day of the week the post is delivered. Other similar tools from competitors Hootsuite, SproutSocial and Buffer have limited the number of queued messages delivered each day and rollover messages to the next day once this limit is reached.

"Curating valuable content is only one half of optimizing engagement, social timing is often the missing ingredient," says CEO David Lin. "After extensive research of other scheduler tools, we noticed several individuals and businesses complaining over their scheduled messages being posted a day or two after they needed it to be. From promoting the end of a sale to the release of a product, there are so many instances where messages need to be delivered not only at optimal times but optimal days to maximize impact."

"We poured the insights gathered from this research into Optimal Scheduler to create the best optimal scheduler publishing tool available. Now users have more control over their messages than ever before," Mr Lin further explains.

As social media adoption continues to grow at a rapid rate, more businesses will need tools like Optimal Scheduler that create thriving social communities with minimal effort and cost.

Optimal Scheduler publishing tool is currently available throughout the publishing and engagement sections of the SocialMotus social management dashboard and within the bookmarklet, enabling all team members to improve the impact of all social messages delivered. With the SocialMotus workflows, team members can view and re-arrange scheduled posts, set permissions for message approval and assign messages to one another to streamline message delivery.

SocialMotus offers a free version and an affordable introductory pricing structure starting from $9.99 per month for single users and $59.99 for up to 5 users. You can create a free account at http://www.socialmotus.com/signup.

About SocialMotus

SocialMotus is a new startup based in Sydney Australia, offering a comprehensive social management, monitoring, engagement and measurement platform. It is designed to help companies and agencies fast track their social media efforts, while accurately measuring its impact on business outcomes. Manage social campaigns, build and manage your social communities, and deliver targeted messages from one interface. SocialMotus offers a free version and paid versions supporting multi-users and conversion tracking at a fraction of the cost of similar competitors, turning social data into real, actionable engagement intelligence for more effective campaigns. For more information, visit http://www.socialmotus.com

David Lin

CEO | SocialMotus

US: +1 323 319 6318 | AU: +61 2 9662 3433

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