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Android activation means more mobile users will protect themselves from risk

Now Australian mobile phone users can measure radiation levels coming from their phones as they use it.  Today tawkon Ltd., the creator of the tawkon app for Android, launched its mobile radiation detection app in Australia. Supporting over 100 Android-powered devices, the app tracks and rates a phone's level of mobile radiation exposure (low, moderate or high) and suggests situation-specific adjustments for lowering it to safe levels during a call. tawkon is currently undergoing tests for FCC certification.

tawkon runs quietly in the background, alerting users during a call only when it detects an increase in radiation exposure. During the course of a given day, mobile phones are exposed to conditions that might raise or lower the SAR, or Specific Absorption Rate '” the universal measure for the amount of radiation being absorbed by the user. The free application also creates personal, local radiation map of a user's everyday locations -neighborhood, commute, office or school - enabling users to choose to initiate calls in locations that keep them furthest from harm.

The technology behind tawkon utilizes complex algorithms that consider factors like connection quality, antenna orientation, phone model, proximity to the face, and even travel speed. By extracting data from the device, the app tracks phone transmission levels, headphone usage, user's location and movements, and other factors. With that information, Android and Blackberry users can make changes to keep their radiation exposure low. tawkon technology is tested in an FFC-certified US lab.

'Our goal is not to keep you from using your phone,' adds Friedlander, 'Quite the opposite: tawkon serves as a personal guide, empowering you to minimize radiation exposure and talk on, for as long or short as you always have. We're helping you track your habits and location so that when it becomes necessary, you know what to do to make it safer.'

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