Home Science Space “Fearless Felix” Baumgartner skydive: Watch it live.

Felix Baumgartner had hoped to make a record-setting, supersonic skydive on Tuesday, October 9, 2012. However, the mission to the edge of space has been cancelled for the day due to high winds. Another launch attempt may occur tomorrow, October 10th. Watch the LIVE skydive Webcast, compliments of Red Bull and Youtube.

David Heath, of iTWire, also writes about the record-setting skydive in his article "Felix Baumgartner about to dive into the record books".

This article, a supplement to David's story, shows you where to watch the sky dive LIVE! And, the photo of Baumgartner is provided by CBSNews.com (Felix Baumgartner prepares for record-setting 23-mile free fall. October).

UPDATE: As of 12:45 a.m. Central Daylight Time (CDT), (MDT+1 hour) here in the United States, Baumgartner's flight is now cancelled for the day. Another attempt may be made tomorrow. Stay tuned for more later. The weather is questionable tomorrow, according to the mission's spokesperson, and gets even worst in the following few days.

You can watch "Fearless" Felix jump live at the Wired.com website entitled "Watch ‘Fearless’ Felix’s 23-Mile Supersonic Skydive Here Live".

The Wired article states, "Just before dawn, 'Fearless Felix' will don a custom-made spacesuit and ascend high over the New Mexico desert in a capsule suspended beneath an immense helium balloon, then fall to earth from 120,000 feet." That's 22.73 miles (36.66 kilometers).

And, "The Austrian adventurer hopes to break an unofficial record Col. Joe Kittinger set with a leap from 102,800 feet in 1960, and expand our understanding of what happens during a free fall from extreme altitude. Such lessons could be valuable as commercial space flight takes off."

However, the video provided by YouTube and Redbull will also show the livestream of the Baumgartner skydive. It is shown at http://www.youtube.com/redbull.

Or, just see it here:


Its caption states, "A LIVE webcast of the Red Bull Stratos 120,000 foot free fall will air on http://redbullstratos.com and http://youtube.com/redbull."

And, "In October of 2012, Felix Baumgartner will attempt a record-breaking freefall jump from 120,000 feet - 23 miles - above the earth as part of Red Bull Stratos: a mission to the edge of space. The attempt will take place near Roswell, NM, USA, and if successful, Felix Baumgartner could be the first person to break the speed of sound with his own body, protected only by a space suit. As no one has successfully jumped from this height before, it's uncertain what the highest supersonic freefall in history will look or feel like."


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