Home Science Health Is inhalable caffeine safe? FDA to investigate AeroShot!

A word of caution and a step backwards to evaluate any such product is always a good route to take.

The Huffington Post article 'AeroShot: FDA To Review Inhalable Caffeine' talks more on this subject.

Please do a search of the Internet to learn more about AeroShot. And, check with your family doctor or other such medical professional to learn more about AeroShot before taking it.

A video by FIOS-1 Long Island is entitled 'Officials Sound Warning About 'Aero Shot' Caffeine Supplement: Sen. Schumer Asks for FDA Inquiry'.

Its caption states, 'It's labeled as a vitamin supplement, but health officials are sounding warnings about Aero Shot, a breathable caffeine product. The product is about to hit store shelves, and Senator Charles Schumer wants it reviewed by the FDA, saying he fears it will be used as a club drug, so people can drink until they drop.'


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